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    lightened flywheel

    Zex is having a special on their website, $149 for their lightweight flywheel... not bad since they used to be around $300
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    Quick Crower LS Cams Question

    Yes there is a damn line forming, and to think, last month zero interest in the springs. Like I said in the emails, give me a day or so to borrow a digital camera and pics will be sent out... 94civicslow, you have first pick since I posted in your post.
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    Quick Crower LS Cams Question

    I have a spare set of B18B crower valve springs and retainers in my garage, they are even still in the box. I was building a second ls engine for the gf's car but now we have gone lsvtec. If you want them i'll do $250 shipped thats just over $100 less than what they cost me. Reciept (or copy...
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    arp rod bolts

    If I remember correctly, the ls rods use the 8mm bolts and the gsr and type R rods use the 9mm (one of the reasons the ls rod bolts are the main weak point) I cant seem to find the reciept so can anyone confirm that it's the 8mm ones
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    Mobile Phone buying

    I have both the V600 and the Nokia 5100... both are unlocked, I just trade sim cards between phones depending if im doing sales or service. For an extremely durable phone with basic features, i like the nokia 5100... waterproof, shock proof, fallen 4 stories off a roof and not even turned off...
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    which crower cam is best?

    cam specs:
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    which crower cam is best?

    Coles version: On my existing build I am running crower 403's with nitrous... I was wondering if I would see a gain in power if I were to run the 402-T's Detailed: I was at a small local meet on sunday and one of the guys there offered me a trade, my crower 403's for his 402-t's since he isn't...
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    P8R head?

    Hence the reason im posting here... I didn't think the mount through properly, I know that the larger combustion chamber will lower my compression down to 10.1:1 but I didn't take into consideration the difference the lip would make plus the fact that I would have to use a P8R head gasket...
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    P8R head?

    Well after some research, I have found that this is a very rare jdm (and I guess aussi too) b20 head with an 84mm quench area and 33mm intake valves just like a vtec head. It is supposed to flow better than a ported B18a/b and a little better than a pr3 head. Now is it for certain that this...
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    Rear Right brake "unadjusts" itself

    I had this happen on my old accord, it turned out that the rear disk was warped
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    New Build

    Well, if you are interested, I found a set of Toda B's with matching valvesprings (not sure about the retainers) for $700cdn (approx 558.21usd) on . The seller has a +rating of four which is pretty good (check buyerseller...
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    New Build

    Imo, b18b shortblock, use your existing pistons if they are salvagable (with new rings obviously), if not, some p30 or ctr pistons. Also, have the rods shotpeened and the rod bolts and head bolts replaced with arp's. Cheap and effective, almost the same price as just a teardown and rebuild of...
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    P8R head?

    I have come accross a p8r head off of an aussi b20b engine... the block was used in a crvtec and I picked up the head as a spare; this head seems to have a larger quench area (measured 83mm) and larger valves than the stock ls head I have. I cant find any information on this head so does anyone...
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    rear drum-to-disc conversion

    For master cylinder sizes and part #s check here: For proportioning valve sizes (you want 40/40 imo) and part #s check here: Imo, it would proabably be easiest for you if you were to get a complete...
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    gsr ebrake brake lines on 97 hatch

    ok, thanks... i'll give it a try, worst case senerio is that i'll have to fabricate a mounting bracket for the cable