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    propane heat?

    Propane heat is reasonably price and as said, more stable than #2 heating oil in terms of cost. The units obviously operate on much the same principle as Natural Gas heaters and are quite efficient. Not sure how you feel about stoves, but you can always offset your heating costs down the road...
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    scariest day of my life!

    And a responsibility problem on the parents end. Anyone who is stupid enough to leave a handgun within the easy reach of a child that young doesn't deserve to own guns. Shit, I own guns and I have a K-8 brother and there is no way in hell he can get to them without a cutting torch or plasma...
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    Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

    I'm with all of you on this. What I've heard from it is awful. It sounds recycled and lyrically its about as complex as a britney spears CD.
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    Chevy Malibu Repair or Junk?

    Thanks to everyone. That was immensely helpful. I'm going to pass all of that along to Dave. -Corie
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    Chevy Malibu Repair or Junk?

    So I'm asking here, because I don't really know where else I would ask. A friend of mine has a 1998 Chevy Malibu with 150k miles on it. This past week, the camshaft broke, literally in two pieces. Oh well, that's chevy quality for ya. Anyway, he's wondering what the best COA would be. The...
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    so i finally realized why i suck at driving the M

    Wife's new Jetta GLI has the same thing and it drives me INSANE. Its nearly impossible to drive the car smooth or with any coordination because just as your feeding gas in at the normal time you would after a shift, the clutch still hasn't grabbed. Glad I don't have to drive the car all the...
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    Ok... So you want to see? *NWS*

    Teh lurker just wants more of da bewbiesssssssssssss
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    Ok... So you want to see? *NWS*

    I stop coming around and this place goes to hell in a hand basket. Keep up the good work ladies! Tein Girl - Lovely hiney!
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    Guitar Help, what extras to get?

    So I've had a guitar for a long time and I enjoy jamming out on it from time to time. My brother just got a drum set and is really into the drumming thing and has been for a long time. He's dying for me to really get back into the guitar so we can play together. I have a D'Agastino custom...
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    site update

    The frequent lurker is just dropping in to say the site is without a doubt faster now!
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    hell yeah Alton Brown. You're a good eats fan as well jeffie?
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    Agreed. The best martini's imo are Bombay Saphire dry martinis with a twist. Of course that's a personal thing, but no matter what, gin martini's should always be stirred
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    So I'm thinking about culinary school

    haha, i'm a complicated guy. If you met me, you'd probably understand. But yeah, CIA isn't an awful idea and it is mighty close. I was already accepted there once, shouldn't be a problem to jump back in.
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    So I'm thinking about culinary school

    I'll be finished with my BS in Mechanical Engineering at villanova this year. I've wanted to head to culinary school for a long long time and I can't really think of a better time than now to enroll. I was thinking of Le Cordon Bleu, either in France, or in Ottowa, Canada. They have a 9 month...
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    so i saw V for Vendetta last night

    phyre, in a non-argumentative way, what was it that you didn't find interesting? the plot, the action scenes, the acting, the castings? just wondering, because I thought it was a generallly good movie :shrug: