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    axle help

    what axles would you use in a 90 civic dx hatch with a d16z6 swap?? i've searched the site quite a bit and can't seem to find the answer.
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    B18C motor mounts??

    what motor mounts do i need to put a B18C in a 98 ex ? i've heard stock side mounts work then you need 99-00 si mounts for the rear and tranny. is that right? and is there any alternative mounts? and if that's not right, what IS needed? thanks alot :D
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    B18C type-R swap

    alright well thanks for the advice, ill think about it. and i just like to get more than one opinion at times, you know? i never said i don't trust him.
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    B18C type-R swap

    bump for advice. :)
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    B18C type-R swap

    into a 98 civic ex coupe. okay so this is like MY first swap. (i'm having a friend of mine who has done over 100 B, K, and H series swaps helping me though :D.) what i have so far is the following: Engine/Transmission - JDM Type R Block - Golden Eagle block guard - Eagle connecting rods...