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    Underage Military Personnel Debate

    i think if it were legal to drink at 18, you wouldn't have as many 18 yr old kids drinking. A lot of them do it to break the law. They think breaking the law is cool. Once they hit 21, and its legal, its not as much fun.
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    The Ban Game.

    banned because you cant change what you are
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    Got the car back from the bodyshop

    hmm...the insurance company referred you to hoping this was a fluke that the shop did a bad job, and not someone at the insurance company just trying to get their friend's shop some know what i mean...
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    should i buy a nissan 300z

    take the car...nuff said...
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    Got the car back from the bodyshop

    dude...if insurance was taking care of it...why didnt you take it to the dealership? you would have been satisfied there...
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    The Ban Game.

    banned for having a red car in your avatar
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    What car are you according to top gear

    You're a Ford Explorer If tanks were allowed on the open road, you'd already have your pre-order on lock: you like to dominate the interstate, and you dare that guy in the Geo Metro to challenge you. Hey, buddy, want a mouth full of fender?
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    anybody know how to build a good resume?

    microsoft word has a good resume wizard. I used it to build my resume, and it turned out great. It fills up exactly 1 page. It has an Objective, Education, Awards Received, Work Experience, Summary of Qualifications, and References. I've gotten some good compliments on it as well...
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    Do you "exaggerate" on your Taxes?

    so what are some normal things that you can write i can write off the mileage it takes for me to get to work and home from work? and what else?
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    Can you say awesome.

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    Who else is doing nothing at work?

    blah blah blah blah blah blah halb
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    2008 Football Pick 'em!!! picks were all fine and dandy until dallas and indy lost...grrrrrrrr
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    The Ban Game.

    banned for banning the wrong person and cuz strongbad rules