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    Needing help finding a builder/tuner... Deployed plz help

    I sent them another email, unfortunately with being 9.5 hours ahead of OH in Afghanistan and having poor ability to call back home email is my best chance.
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    Needing help finding a builder/tuner... Deployed plz help

    That is who I purchased my stroker kit and other parts through, unfortunately they have been reluctant to reply to any of my emails. I guess ill try again.
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    Needing help finding a builder/tuner... Deployed plz help

    As the title says I'm in need of a reputable engine builder and tuner. After my first deployment I put a GSR motor in my Crx. Long story short, not enough power and not enough money to boost so I stroked out to 2.16 and started to fit a nitrous kit. Then I got short notice orders to deploy to...
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    Gsr no spark

    Switched my running GSR head out for a built b16 head. I took everything off of my gsr head and put it onto the b16 head. When it came time to start i cranked and got good compression, but no spark. Should I just switch out my s300 for a p28 and grab another dizzy to just try changing everything...
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    Huge dilemma with my build Stroker GSR

    To be honest I would be lying if I said I knew. I'm ignorant when it comes down to internal building. I have a family member that works at cometic in Ohio that's the plan but right bow I just want it on the road before I leave
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    Huge dilemma with my build Stroker GSR

    Thanks for the timely response, that's my plan of attack tomorrow. I'll post as soon as I figure something out
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    Huge dilemma with my build Stroker GSR

    Ive got a GSR block and a B16 head. Originally i was running a whole GSR engine but i got a PR3 head and sent it to the machine shop to get looked over and install a full brian valvetrain. The valvetrain is OEM size valves, double springs, steel retainers, and stage 2 NA cams. When I put the B16...
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    Just a few more questions about a GSR build

    My chassis is a 1989 CRX HF Top End is a b16 head with Brian Crower N/A stage 2 cams, Brian Crower OEM size valves, steel springs, and retainers, Blox IM and 65mm throttle body. Hondata IM gasket. Bottom End: B18GSR, My block is at the machine shop right now getting checked over and...
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    GSR Problems please lend some help

    Sorry it took so long to write back, got pulled for some training in preparation for Afghanistan. So I re torqued the head bolts, did everything in my power to make everything perfect and still pulled bad compression. So I decided to pull the head and get a little bit better look at the block...
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    GSR Problems please lend some help

    Yes the head is a different head completely, the dowel pins were used, the head was torqued in the correct sequence. The cams im using are Brian Crower stage 2 natural aspiration. When i spin the crank pulley it honestly feels like the compression is lost when the cams "up" stamp is in the 3...
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    GSR Problems please lend some help

    Ive got a 1994 GSR motor, decided i wanted to run BC head internals so i got a PR3 head and had the local machine shop install BS cams, valves, springs, and retainers in it. After i got the new head I got a new head gasket as well. Installed the new ARP headstuds, set the head gasket, set the...
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    Few GSR build questions

    Just have a few questions as to where I should head with my build next. Currently I have the JDM B18c with a PR3 head, BC stage 2 N/A cams/ valves/ springs/ retainers. Short ram intake, DC 4-1 header to SK2 2.5" catback. Running a s300. But my question is where should i go from here for that...
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    Just a few build questions on my CRX with the GSR

    I have a 89 CRX with the 1994 OBD1 GSR motor. Im currently running IHM and cat-back with SK2. All being ran by the hondata S300. Sadly I want a little more out of it so my next step is to do the top end and a few other mods but i want a little input. The overall use for this car is a fast dd...
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    So... I did my gauge cluster swap... Problems

    Ok... here we go again. I have a 89 CRX HF with a GSR swap. Im swapping to a GSR cluster so i kept the electronic VSS. When i wired up the GSR cluster with a wiring diagram that I found online almost nothing worked. The turn signals were always on but flashed a little brighter when in use. So i...
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    So my swap was almost finished until... FML

    b18c GSR into my 1989 CRX. dropped it in, broke my TPS... but i have another one. Then i fired it up and it ran well just a little high in the rpm because of the TPS. Then i decided to put it all back together and go for a test drive, but i ran into a small problem. The gear shift rod that...