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    what's your favorite quote?

    When I die I want to die in my sleep like my grandpa, not screaming like his passengers If I am here and you are here, doesn't it make it our time. Where the hell am I going and what am I doing in this handbasket?
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    Civic ECU

    I have heard of the D15Z6, but do not know anything about it. For switching to OBD1 and a USDM ecu, you could switch to a usdm vtec solenoid with a vtec pressure switch. I had to do this to use my usdm p72 on my JDM b18c.
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    B18C1 into a 93 si hatch

    That is what I had to do on my car because the Integra harness was hacked up. If the Integra harness is OK, use the Integra harness up to the plugs on the strut towers.
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    B18C1 into a 93 si hatch

    Most of the sensors have the same plugs, if you end up using the civic's harness. You will either need to use an OBDI distributor and injectors or resolder the OBDII ends on the plugs to them and also the distributor. Since you won't be having IAB's or a knock sensor, you shouldn't have much...
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    Kart Racing!!! YEAH!

    Nice. I always have wanted a shifter kart. How many cc's is your yamerhammer?
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    Just wondering where everyone is from?

    Mitchell, NE. Also known as BFE
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    some pics (56k unfriendly)

    I was going to, but I don't have the pics on my computer. I just have them downloaded on to and didn't know how to transfer them. Also the Prelude is damn fast (when it isn't in the shop)
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    some pics (56k unfriendly)

    Since I am fairly new here, I thought I'd post some pics of my car and a few of my friends cars. old engine pic new engine pic my stereo friends b16a2 powered hatch stereo I did for friend's hatch another friend's boosted lude
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    The only radio stations were I live are country or classic rock. We used to have a top 40 station but it swithced to classic rock. So lesser known by my standards are different than most others.
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    Painting Break Calipers

    If you paint them gold or silver it would look good, but neon green well that is a different story. Also, they are brakes not breaks
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    Dear Penis

    That is a song of Rodney Carrington's. I have heard a couple of his cd's and he is one funny mother f'er
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    Guttermouth Flogging Molly Lagwagon Those are some of my favorite lesser known bands.
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    wiring question? please reply asap

    This might help you out.
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    What do you pay for car insurance ?

    I am 25, have my 1994 Civic EX and 1969 VW Beetle on my insurance and pay $2500/year with $500 deductables on the Civic and liability on the Bug. Insurance would actually be more if I insured the Civic alone. My insurace company is American Family
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    WD-40 will work good also.