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    Td06 Price

    I have a chance to get a brand new td06 turbo for a pretty good price. (a/r unknown) I was wondering what a new td06 turbo usualy sells for. Thanks
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    What Turbo To Get?

    I know someone who has one for sale :rolleyes:
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    Turbo questions!

    I dont have any recent times or dyno #'s yet. Hopefully I will be getting it dynoed soon. The car has run a 12.0 @121 on 13psi. Once i get more fuel I will up the boost. The car is pretty much stripped except it still has the stock dash in it and the carpet is still in it.
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    Turbo questions!

    Please make any suggestions you would about this setup. I will be getting rid of the deltagate. I also think im gonna get a big ass fuel pump and a fuel cell. 1997 LS BLOCK AND HEAD. MOROSO OIL PAN, KNIFE EDGED AND MICRO POLISHED CRANK, CROWER RODS, JE PISTONS & RINGS, CUSTOM SLEEVED AND...
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    Turbo questions!

    I just got a 1990 integra turbo and the car did not come with a boost controller. I took it out today and was only hitting 8psi when I wanna be hitting about 15psi. I have a delta wastegate and greddy type r bov. I wanna know if i have to do anything to the bov when I up the boost. The Bov...