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    Free sunglasses -- just pay S&H

    i've bought from this company a few years ago when they had a sale like this. the glasses are "ok" but their not great. If you just wear cheap sunglasses anyway then its a pretty good deal. just my 2 cents.
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    new Penguin Game

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    the virgin mary underpass...

    How sad is it that catholics are so desperate for an idol to worship that they are finding these things and going nuts over them. just my .02
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    Korn breaking up??

    On 89.7 (the local Christian station) they said that head is susposed to be releasing a Chistian album in the next year or so. I'll probably check it out.
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    Scuba Equipment

    I'm taking a scuba class at UNT and I was wondering if any of ya'll have any experience in scuba. Cause I'm looking to buy my BC, regulator, second stage, and dive computer. Here is the kit I think I'm going to get : BC Reg octo dive comp. any comments/suggestions?
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    Dallas Texas Anybody out there?

    unt in denton
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    low scoring basketball game

    how depressing must that have been when the coach came in and told them their only chance of winning was to hold on to the ball. i feel bad for those kid's self esteem
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    my new ride and my wrecked old car

    lol that sounds like a plan. oh did i mention she didn't have insurance
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    my new ride and my wrecked old car

    well i got a new car the other day. I say new but it was my sister's old car. She couldn't afford it any more so i decieded to help her out and take over payments. Its a 2003 hyundai elantra gls, auto. I wasnt to excited about it at first but then i found a few dedicated followers(
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    GT4 opening clip....

    the f355 game has a functional clutch
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    who are you?

    <center><font face="arial"> Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?</font></center> I suck at the interweb ^^^^ so it turns out i might be a chick. who knew
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    dang tu. ags got the crap kicked out of them that sucked. there is always next year when hopefully ut and a&m will beat ou and the ags turn around and put a whoopin on ut
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    What was your first car

    81 toyota corrolla sr5 hatch. top speed: 75. had alot of fun in that car
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    So it snowed....

    we got about an inch up here in denton. I watched 2 wrecks happen on 35 while i was at work. it was sad the roads really werent that bad. Texas drivers are idiots, they freak out if the weather is anything but sunshine.
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    My grandpa's new car

    k i just got back from test driving his car and all i can say is wow. he let me get on it and use the auto-stick and that thing has some gitty-up :P . the engine is so smooth and the exhaust note sounds very good in the upper rpm's. plus it was one of the smoothest riding cars i've ever been in...