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  1. c-rex-beat

    z6 idle high untill warm

    Can't figure this out. Why does my z6 idle at 2500 and decrease as temp climbs. Usually takes about 5 minutes. All my other cars idle at about 1200 untill warm. Thanks guys.
  2. c-rex-beat

    D16z6 Edelbrock Build

    remember with cams, it is good do do valves too. While your that far, go ahead annd port match intake/exhaust. Fairly cheap around here.
  3. c-rex-beat

    z6 into ek

    a buddy brought me his ek with spun bearings. I have a z6 I will let him have but I'm not sure about knock sensor. We will be using 2b ecu. Shouldn't be any other issues right? How do I go about knock sensor?
  4. c-rex-beat

    wrecked eg in need of parts

    Hey guys, I just got a wrecked eg from a buddy. It was hit on the front\driver corner. He let someone test drive it and made it 3ft out the driveway then SLAM, he bought it! now I gotta get lca's, knuckle\hub, camber kit, radiator, lights, hood, fenders, bumper, rack, core support. My zip is...
  5. c-rex-beat

    90 dx harness burnt crispy

    my thougts exactly bro. Just wasn't 100* sure. thanks.
  6. c-rex-beat

    90 dx harness burnt crispy

    My buddy has a 90 dx hatch and dropped in a dohc zc. the harness got fried crispier than a 3 piece from popeyes. Can I replace everything from a Si under dash and under hood and modify the few different plugs to avoid dp-mpfi conversion?
  7. c-rex-beat

    D15b7 built and boosted setup

    I am building a D15b7 and want someone with more experience to confirm my build before I order parts. I will be using crower rods for the D15b7, srp pistons for a Z6 to get compression to 8.8:1, slightly aggressive cam from the zc single cam vtec and same zc head. The head is built with blox and...
  8. c-rex-beat

    d16z6 problems????

    any check engine codes? check what ecu you have. there is a great reference section that will help you in identifying what you have. if the rpm bounces from 1500-3500 or so, check iacv. best way to do it is raise the front of car and make the radiator the highest point to allow air to escape.
  9. c-rex-beat

    Rough Idle'n On My dohc zc swap?

    Find out what check engine code you are having and go from do know how to check codes right? Go to refrence section of this forum and select engine codes for all details.
  10. c-rex-beat

    h22 ef9

    I was thinking the same thing for my new crx. innovative makes mount kit which requires removal of trans mount and welding new mount forward a few inches. very simple if you have common sense and can weld.have a BFH handy as well. keep the motor high and cut out hood for clearance. a hood is...
  11. c-rex-beat

    90 crx si cluster wiring issues

    I tried all 4 diagrams and E&F worked best but not 100* I am curious as to what the blue plug is for. (c711) my book says HF only. I have a socket for it in rear of cluster and also on harness. The car is a Si which shouldn't have one according to my book. WTF is the blue 5-wire plug for?
  12. c-rex-beat

    90 crx si cluster wiring issues

    I have a 90 si and I think the dash and harness for cluster is from an hf. I just put this car together and tach don't work. I refrenced the plugs and wiring didn't match for an si. I do have the small blue plug in center and learned it was for a hf. what would be the best route to get...
  13. c-rex-beat

    f22b1 into crx. now to wire it

    what mount kit did you choose? I was also thinking a f swap in my rex.
  14. c-rex-beat

    my 91 civic lemon

    FYI, lemons are only made on Fridays and/or Mondays. lmao
  15. c-rex-beat

    89 crx d16z6 swap no spark HELP!!!HELP!!!

    is your check engine light on?
  16. c-rex-beat

    89 crx d16z6 swap no spark HELP!!!HELP!!!

    with the dizzy, did you make a jumper harness or buy one? There is usually 2 white wires that need to be switched around. I would start with that first.
  17. c-rex-beat

    electrical load detector code 20

    funny story, while removing door off old crx, I moved my fingers out the jamb so they don't get smashed up and a piece of busted windshield on the seat got me. 4 stitches outside and 1 inside. Ya try to prevent something and worse happens.
  18. c-rex-beat

    f22 into crx

    what f22 is it?
  19. c-rex-beat

    Horsepower estimation?

    All my stuff came from an eg vti. not exactly sure what the difference is but i use parts from eg Si. (z6)
  20. c-rex-beat

    f22 into crx

    I have thought about this swap before but more like a frankenstein motor build. could be done fairly cheap. theres a mount for it so why not right.
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