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  1. John Barka

    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    The good news: It'll likely be over by April, maybe May, and omicron may be the most infectious form this virus is able to take (it's already the most infectious virus known it appears). And in that case, it will continue to dominate future mutations as they occur while, perhaps becoming even...
  2. John Barka

    From CRV onto Rav4

    Thanks a lot for your detailed feedbacks on Toyota! 🙏 I am considering buying Rav4 at the moment and your posts are of paramount usefulness!
  3. John Barka

    New Rav 4

    Agree with your arguments but I thought that the fact that Toyota is exploring this technology means a lot.
  4. John Barka

    New Rav 4

    I also think that electric cars are our future but in my humble opinion hydrogen cars can also become our future since they have some advantages over electric cars. It will be really interesting to watch this weird battle between the 2 technologies.
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