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    a extended cab ford isnt much bigger then a nissan pickup (least not the back seat) if you have ever had to ride in the back seat of a truck (and had the joy of doing it several times in different trucks) you would realize that fords back seat is meant for midgets or people under 10. the back...
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    Major Problem

    could the steam get ripped off by any of the body? when does it happen? if its cornering it could be the body roll leans and its hits the steam rippin it off. i cant see y then stem would just blow off, tho if thats the case id say its a defective stem.
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    heater fan wont blow

    i cant find the friggen fuse (there aint nothin labeled under the hood) and the inside fuses dont relate at all. ofcourse i dont have my big ass manual either (renovations cause everything to be lost in the suffle)
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    heater fan wont blow

    Yesterday my fan for my 91 prelude (which was keepin me nice n warm cuz here in BC its friggen cold!!) stopped blowin on me. I cant find a fuse that controls it nor can i see any problems. Changing the circulation works (i hear motors moving stuff), and changing from how to cold also works...
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    Should I get a Civic SI?

    i think either the GSR or the Si would be a bad choice considering your a new driver. but then you prolly with just get the car with the most power possible anyway and kill yourself or someone else. at least thats what happens in Vancouver BC. Rich parents + fast first car = wrecked car...
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    What's your personal land speed record?

    118 is all my 91 prelude could do. done about 240kph (around 150mph) in a 1991 SHO. tho absolute fastest has been snowmobiling. 165mph across a lake. on a 2000 Polaris 800RMK (i only weigh 140lbs and tuck in nicely behind the windsheild)
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    need an alarm system. which is the best?

    clifford isnt that great. i have an alpine its pretty sweet, but if you have the coin go compustar.
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    Speaker Configurations?

    2-JL 12's 4-Alpine 6 1/2 Type R Alpine Deck RF 500W Amp 2- MBQuart tweets upfront
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    fast car for sale

    where are you?
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    Turbo HP vs Torque gains...

    im in a lil debate over turbos. ive always thought a turbo adds much more HP then torque. i know it adds torque (cuz the added HP needs increased torque) but the torque would be relative to the HP would it not? i mean if you had 500hp with no method of spinning the tires... uh yah... im not...
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    yeah yeah i know its not a honda so im posting it in the offtopic section :D can anyone offer some assistance or direct me to a legit (hondaswap-like) place that would ? thx
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    Better than that Supra.....

    i didnt say anything about a honda drivetrain doin that... cuz it cant. if you look at the amount of money that they have poured in to it thou you could buy that GT1 and not have any drivetrain problems, if you kept it as it was. what do they expect running 50psi boost? thats 2.5x the evos boost...
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    Jap's Are Crazy!

    those bikes land on the FLAT!!! :o :o :o :o :blink:
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    Jap's Are Crazy!

    that tan convertible was an auto :o
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    Top Speed - Who's Done It?

    155+ mph in my moms SHO my 91 prelude only does around 120mph. its geared way bloody low. i can pull in 5th up hill :( i have a friend who was clocked by cops at 198kph... we thought he had 200 forsure!
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    Better than that Supra.....

    oh... theyre also running 50psi boost in that skyline... :o
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    Better than that Supra.....

    porsche is the "poor mans" exotic. for the price a 911 turbo will own. You can get a crapass boxter for 40 and the real porsches start comin at around 90000. the other reason the GT1 owns all and is like an an F1 is Mid-engine RWD. Just look at the stats on the new MR2's. i would bet the...
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    imho 2 drs isnt much of a sleeper. a sleeper is 4 doors or 5 (aka Audi RS series Avant) in BC is its got 2 doors the cops automatically take an xtra special look at you.
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    Nice Little To Look At It.

    except the passengerside guages.... they look like an afterthought
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    Ebay Listing

    34.33 now... :o
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