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    B18 ls conversion to vtec

    Got a few questions, any help is greatly appreciated. My buddy is having a ard time figuring something out. Hes gettin a motor from a 1998 ls Integra, is this motor vtec? If not what head can he use to make it vtec? Thanks again.
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    B18C1 swap into a 1999 EK Coupe

    Thanks for the help guys i appreciate it....
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    B18C1 swap into a 1999 EK Coupe

    Hey hows it going everyone. I have a few questions. Ive been looking into gettin a b18c1, and I was wondering with the correct motor mounts, could the b18 fit correctly in my 99 ek coupe? Also what computer would the b18 run off of P72 or P73? Thanks again.
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    ECU Problem.... help needed please

    Thanks man I read into it a little more and thats what i see too. Plug and Play. Can't wait for it to be done.
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    ECU Problem.... help needed please

    Thanks I appreciate it a lot. I have another question. Im getting the new p28 ECU, and it is chipped with 2-step and vtec point. Will i need to tune the car in order for the2-step to work? Or when I plug the new ecu into the harness will it automatically be st-up and ready to go??
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    ECU Problem.... help needed please

    I finally figured out everything that was worng with my car and fixed them. Except for this. I have and OBD2 ECU from the stock automatic motor that was in my car, and it is running with and OBD1 motor. Yeah I know WTF. I am in the process of trying to find an OBD2 to OBD1 jumper for my new...
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    Rev Limiter kicking in at like 1,000 RPM

    I have a 99 d16z6 mini-me swap. I was having vacuum problmes and it was causing a bouncing idle. Fixed all that nonsense and idle smoothed out. Now im having a problem with the rev limiter. When i put the car into first and give it a little gas the rev limiter kicks in and i can barely drive the...
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    Vacuum Diagram Needed.....any help is appreciated...thanks

    I have a 99EK Coupe with a d16z6 block and possibly a y8 head or z6 not sure which one is on it... got screwed over on the sale of the car.... Can anyonne help me find a Vacuum Hose Diagram for a d16z6 head or d16y8 head??..Thanks
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    99 Ek d16z6 Idle Surge?? Help Please!

    I have a 99 Ek coupe which used to be and automatic. Someone did a swap in it with a d16z6 block and a y8 head. There's an idle suge that is very quick that revs between 1500-2000rpm. I've read up on things such as plugging up the IACV and FIV holes to see if it smooths the idle down. Also...
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    99 EK Coupe w/ d16z6 swap...need help please!

    I just picked up a 1999 EK Coupe which used to be an automatic. Some dude swaped a d16z6 into it and I believe there's a y8 head on it. Im new to the whole Honda scene but I'm slowly learning. I can't for the life of me find out what year the swaped motor is block and head :(. Can anyone help me...
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