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    new miata

    IMO they are gay
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    Neon tube in my grill

    I'm board and have not been here for a while and i just couldn't leave it alone my bad or is it his for posting how do i get a neon tube in my grill
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    Neon tube in my grill

    Next topic: how can I get a neon tube to glow whole in my ass. Please don't do that ro your car
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    2006 ///M3

    For the money that it will cost to buy that car you could buy a 2000 and dinian (sp) the crap out of it
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    werid cel light?

    knock sensor problem is what it sounds like
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    b16 into my 1996 civic ex

    Save yourself the headache get a b16a2. Mounts from an integra should do the trick also b series shift linkage and the ecu axels and midshaft
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    Remember me?

    found my old profile guess i have two now oh well anyway i'm back
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    what to do about my interior

    basiclly i am asking is it worth it
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    black exaust

    i am planning on doing that just have not gotten around to it
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    Pics of yourself...

    so how low in a drunken stuper would you go i will go no lower than an 8 for me i garentee that i am the pickiest guy on here but i still get laid this weekend but like too short i have been blesed with the game always say the right line
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    what to do about my interior

    uhhhh yeah anyway how much wiegh am i going to sheed when i do this do you think i have already gutted the trunk
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    Rice Rice Baby!

    little kid voice://"i'm telling"//:end kid voice
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    what to do about my interior

    here is the link
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    what to do about my interior

    Ok here we go right now i have full int with leather seats i am thinking about selling the leather seats front and back and buying two race seats and saying good bye to the back seat since i rarely have that many people in my car to begin with i am looking to reduce weight anyway possible and i...
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    half of a Civic

    saw a ctr cut in half the other way right between the front seats and the back seats they do that to get around the import taxes that the US puts on importing a car anyway how is that car supported wouldn't it just fall over??
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    what would you rather have

    change it to a 5th gen civic and i would pick the civic
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    what to say to cops?

    of course you never see a redneck in a f350 with 44's and a stright pipe comming off his v-8 listening to hank williams jr as loud as his tape player will play it getting pulled over for that shit
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    what to say to cops?

    yeah the stereo law is 75 feet here
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    what to say to cops?

    they already have that back home most of the cops have decible meters and they will make you rev you car to 2k rpm and i think the limit is 50 db's which is not that loud
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    what to say to cops?

    got a ticket for that too once they say it is because you can not garentee that it will not fuck up and break or come off driving it down the road since factories test thier shit that is why it is illegal
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