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    EF Garage Sale!!! (CRX/Civic/HB)

    Still have everything, B16RacerN2NR has the only dibs on the taillights.
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    EF Garage Sale!!! (CRX/Civic/HB)

    well, first, like i said, you will have to make an offer if you want it. How much is it worth to you? Secondly, I am not going to take it apart because if any of those seals that i took pictures of are broken the warrenty is void. You can kind of see that in the pictures, as you can also see...
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    EF Garage Sale!!! (CRX/Civic/HB)

    Ok, well I would really like to keep the set or tail lights together, if you still want them let me know. As for a price, everything is best offer. If you want the speaker holder, I can get that to you and you can buy one off of ebay, since you want a pair. If you are still interested, let me...
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    EF Garage Sale!!! (CRX/Civic/HB)

    So no one wants anything?
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    EF Garage Sale!!! (CRX/Civic/HB)

    Ok, I'm going back to school, I need to get all of this stuff out of my garage before I go. Everything must go! I live in Kansas City MO, soon to be Lawrence KS, if you want to come pick it up. Otherwise I can give you my best guess on shipping, since I hate running back and forth to UPS...
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    crx rev probs

    I had a friend have the exact same thing happen, his was a sensor problem, yours could be the same, or a fed ecu like you said.
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    WTB: 90-1 CRX Pass fender and Hood;

    how many miles are on the engine and tranny and what do you want for them with and/or without the ecu?
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    si parting out

    I am also interested in the wheels, if you could, just pm me with the tire size and specs.
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    pm6 and d16a6

    What year is the motor from? Also, does it have ANY problems what so ever (ie valve noises, misses, gaskets/timeing belt needing replacement, ANYTHING)?
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    battery switch

    Ok, so my friend is an idiot and put the wrong battery cable on the wrong terminal, what can this do, if anything HELP PLZ!
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    Prelude seats, which ones fit?

    ok, well either way he can not find any leather from his year(s), so what other seats will fit, with what rails? just let me know, thanks!
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    Prelude seats, which ones fit?

    Ok, so my friend has a 99 SH, I dont know preludes, so I am gonna ask you guys. He loves leather seats and he told me that preludes didnt come with that option. So tell me if he is incorrect, or if it is correct, then what seats would fit, and what rails would he need?
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    hf pistons valve releifs?

    Hey man, I have the same question, what year is your hf? And if you do end up just taking off your head, let me know, just pm or im me.
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    What is wrong?

    Where do I start at? Do I start at the ECU and go to (?) where? Help! I have a volt meter, which setting do I have it on? 15v? Any help plz! How hard is it to do your self? how do I replace a wire in the harness? Is it worth taking to a shop or should I do it?
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    What is wrong?

    OK, so I was swapping out my old alternator. I forgot to unhook the battery (stupid me!!!). I arced the old alternator when I was taking off one of the wires. I swapped in my new alternator, replaced the battery fuse, and it ran very well for about a day. I was sitting in line at the bank...
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    ???? Electric Supercharger ???? :wtf:

    I have actually seen dyno tests for those things that lost power 2 or 3 hp after install. I had a friend who fell for one of those scams too, it slowed him down and he took it off w/in a week, they are garbage, just my .02.
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    KU anyone?

    First off, Does anyone here go to the University of Kansas? Well, I do. Iwas just wondering if I was the only one. Second, if so, I am volunteering on the SAE F1 car team here, if any of you attend KU you should come, you could learn or help out alot. As a mater of fact, Let's just sound off...
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    D series B series and turbo stuff

    are the clips and the aluminum piece on the back of the crx side skirts still any good?
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