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    Random pic of the month.

    The Lego one is the best!
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    ebay of the day

    Looks like an Aliem.
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    ok, here's teh story

    YAY!! We're one big happy family again!! Well, we're a family again at least!
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    mind reader.. check it.. crazy yo..

    But it doesn't always give you the same symbol.
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    I miss the old me.

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    So, the painters stole my seats....

    HOLY SHIT THIS FUCKING THREAD IS AWESOME!! I'm sitting here literally laughing out loud!
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    cool video

    LOL!! :laugh:
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    3000gt STi endition

    Looks good to me. Simple and clean! :thumbsup:
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    moron of the day award

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    Mike, Bill and I bought a race car....

    Nice find!! :thumbsup: I dont care if it is a Neon. I have seen MANY a Neon hand other people their asses in all sorts of shit through the cones. Plain and simple, small, nimble, lightweight. Sounds like a good car to me. Let alone the steal you guys made on it!!
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    pac-rim EF

    EF is universal for 4th gens, let it go. That wagon is soooooo sexy!! I love them!! I love the luggage rack too! The mirror, not so much, but HEY!! It's not mine. If it were, it'd have a JRSC on a Single VTEC under the hood to light all four of dem tires up!! LOL!
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    pics from the dyno

    That shift knob is teh 53x0r5!!! :fosho: That whole car is actually!!
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    So, the painters stole my seats....

    It couldn't have been that bad if he still has computer access..... ....right? :ninja:
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    HondaSwap good samaritan opportunity

    Car 1 Car 2 Car 3(This one has flames, FTW!!) And the entire list... I dunno exactly how to help, but here is an attempt.
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    if only i had the money....

    The high bidders name is harry_beaver_123!! LOL!!
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    HondaSwap will be closed for the weekend

    :thumbsup: I will see you all on...... the other side......
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    Ever Been Cheated On?...

    I hope they drove it back and parked it exactly where they took it from! That would be funny! LOL!
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    WEb pages from teh past...

    Here is my old site. It was the website for my rollerblade "Crew". LOL! Last edited in 10th grade! LOL! TAC And yes, that's me on the front page! LOL! You guys should check it out, I think I had a future in webdesign! LOL! :laugh:
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    what would you do?

    LOL! I've always said it as "City Morgue, you stab em, we slab em!"
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    Best asian name ever.

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! :bustout:
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