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    I've been converted...

    You should only get a AE if it's a GTS, like everybody said, it's going to be a bitch to swap over parts for your sr5 to GTS specs. My friend sold his sr5 after awhile because it was a pain to swap everything over. If you do get a 240, get a fastback, I see too many coupes out there nowadays...
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    New Luxary/Sport Sedan

    Isn't the soarer a TT v6? But anyway if the car is going to be completely stock then I would go for the s4, good luck!
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    Parting out car (96-00)

    bump! Alot of this stuff has been sold, if you guys are interested in pix email me at : No reasonable offer will be refused, updated prices as well, peace! -Fred
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    Found a Corolla GT-S

    That's a very good find... I would pick it up, most of the AE's you see for sale or SR5's and their RED! I would just focus on the suspension then worry about the other stuff later on. Does it still have the original stickers on the side? Pick it up!!!! :P
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    WTB : OEM 96-98 civic muffler

    Just as the title reads... the muffler, if you have the piping that would be a plus as well. However, I only want to get it from SO CAL (don't really feel like driving anywhere else.) PM me as soon as you can, thank you!
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    Parting out car (96-00)

    Bump - Navi and bumpers are sold.. buy buy buy!
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    240 owners pls...

    You learn something new everyday...! :) peace
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    240 owners pls...

    Silverchild - Fastback? coupe? In socal especially it is very hard to find a coupe around here for sale, all I see for sale is fastbacks... <_<
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    Parting out car (96-00)

    JackHCChen - I have a sale pending for the moldings, if the guy flakes out I'll PM you, thanks
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    Parting out car (96-00)

    bump! Give me offers!
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    Parting out car (96-00)

    Hello everybody, I'm parting out my car so here are the products I'm offering... These prices are "o.b.o." so no reasonable price will be denied. Also, PM me or give me your email for pictures, thank you! JDM thin moldings : SOLD! EK4 siR cluster (63K) : 200 JDM EK 2-Door Visors : 70 EK4 siR...
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    buy Rob's Sil 80

    That is a VERY sweet car, too bad he has to sell it. Hope everything for the best! B)
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    factory 240sx spoiler

    From what I heard you CAN'T fit it. And I do agree with you, I like the coupe oem spoiler, I think it looks clean.
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    240 owners pls...

    I like the s15 conversion, but I wouldn't want to get it for the s13. I plan on getting the s13 front w/ projectors, blah blah blah. I'm not a big fan of body kits, I just want the conversion and a two tone paint job on it, I've seen a s13 with a two tone paint job up in la, looks hella dope...
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    San Diego people keep your eyes open

    Shadney, What's up G? I'm getting out of the Honda game and getting a Nissan :) My insurance is going to be much cheaper once I get the Nissan plus I got bills to pay off so I'm going for a cheaper car. Anyway, I'll still post what knowledge I think I have with Hondas :) So when are you...
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    240sx flip-up projectors

    OoooOO I love that pic Smonkeyboy, hella sexy! B) However, I like coupes and plan on getting that really soon..
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    240 owners pls...

    I second that notion! ;)
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    240 owners pls...

    sloazcrx - What other mods do you have to your motor or pretty much stock? Yea, I was just considering the RB or maybe just buy a silvia front clip because I want the front end as well. I don't know, we'll see and I'll keep everybody updated on it. Nissani - Both are great cars, however, I'm...
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    240 owners pls...

    Alright, we'll see what happens.... I've seen TurboMirage's mods to his Nissan, what about you Brian? What do you have done your Nissan? Also, how is your "del-slo" (j/p ahha) coming along with that 2 liter motor, still have it? Been awhile.. peace
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    240 owners pls...

    hrmmm... I was referring to a rb20 swap. I'm still a Nissan nub so everything is still new to me. I heard that the driveshaft fits in just fine. Also, the only concern would get custom mounts because the engine will sit up too high and you would have to cut off the skeleton of the hood just...
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