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    F/S 94 integra parts

    how much for the 6 and 1/2 speakers and how much to ship them to 42501 and is there anthing wrong with them and do you still have them
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    (2) silver Rota Slipstreams CHEAP!!

    do you still have the wheels if so how much to ship to 45201
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    92-95 mu. Front Lip

    do you have a pic of it and would you be willing to ship
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    F.S. parts parts parts!!!!

    how much for just the manifold and what does it fit.
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    NY FS: Honda + autox + misc stuff

    i am interested in the hood how much for the hood and to ship it to 42501
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    B and D series parts

    how much for the turbo and what size is it
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    FS: CHEAP turbo parts/ D16Y8/CRX *PICS*

    how much to ship the turbo to 42501 if you still have it
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    garage clean out audio,turbo, etc...

    how much are you looking to get out of the t3t4 turbo that has a broken exaust shaft.
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    Honda stuff for sale or trade

    were are you located i am interested in the wheels do you still have them.
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