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    Jdm S Type H22

    sweet! yea i bought the vtec tranny. aall in all i bought the jdm h22 type s motor long block, ecu,tranny,axles,mounts for 3400 bucks installed. what do ya think?
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    Jdm S Type H22

    yea im living in the high desert of california. elevations about 3000
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    Short Shifters...

    hey man my buddies short shifter inhis 89 crx has exactly the same problem with tapping the exhaust. he just drives it and hes had it for over a year and so far no complaints. Gotta do what ya gotta do to drop the 1/4 time!
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    H22 Build Up?

    hey thanks for the info man!
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    Jdm S Type H22

    oh thanks yea old name from when i first got the car. my bad!
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    Engine Selection

    well are you going for stictly drag racing or do you want to be able to auto cross as well. I say for a drag only car you gotta go with the jdm h22. It is the ultimate motor. You have to take in mind the weight of a motor. It will change the way your car handles so much depending on what you...
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    H22 Build Up?

    what is the best way to build up power at a fairly decent price minus forced induction for right now? I already havei/h/e and am looking for some mods but i do not want to sacrifice reliabilty or life of my motor by doing this. thanks
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    Jdm S Type H22

    glad to hear that. I was just told that i should expect low 15s to high 14s which to me is a huge step up from the dismal f22a1 i had.
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    Jdm S Type H22

    and when i say time i mean the 1/4 mile time! sorry bout that. thanks
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    Jdm S Type H22

    my 92 prelude s type with the f22a1 has finally gone under the knife and am swapping in a jdm s type h22. i have heard some different things about what my time is gunna be. All it has is i/h/e. Whatever you gys think would be appreciated just curious. thanks!
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    allright thanks alot guys
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    i know almost nothing of this motor. i was wondering what its specs were along witht what car it came out of as well. thanks alot!
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    Losing A/c

    allright ill just keep the ac and get some headers.
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    H23 Needed

    i need a h23 for my prelude jdm or usdm it doesnt matter to me. if have one reply and i will pm you and give my email. and a decent price is much appreciated.
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    i have a f22a1 in my 92 prelude what should i do to get that mother pullin since my cash flow isnt good enough for a swap as of now?
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    will a h22 head fit right ona a f22 b block? i dont see why it wouldnt be able to but then again i have never tried it yet.
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    Losing A/c

    has anybody taken the ac off a p4 gen prelude and what kind of power gain if any do you have. Along with that whats invovled in taking out the system.
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    4th Gen H23a1 Parts For Sale

    how much are you wanting for the tranny?
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    F22a1 To H22 Mounts

    I was wondering if the mounts that come with the 1992 s type prelude will fit the h22 motor instead of having to buy different ones?
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    a h22a1 motor has a obd1 as the h22a4 has the obd2 which is the biggest pain in the butt. But you can buy mods to work around it and convert it to a obd1 also.
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