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    Matt's Tacoma Thread

    Any update on that truck recently? I have seen your rims on 4wheelonline before. I can't believe the bronze colored wheels will look good on a white truck.
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    Black Friday deals 2021

    It seems like it's not just me who's adding a lot of stuff on my online cart right now. Anyway, make sure you have turkey for Thanksgiving before the Black Friday sale.
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    Car shuts off when I give it gas !

    Did any of the recommendations fix the issue?
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    Ef k24a2 swap

    Any update with regards to this build?
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    Matt's s2k Build (Project Mess2k)

    It's been months, how was the car? Have you done any upgrades?
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    2002 RSX Type S K24z2 swap.

    How did it go? Was it a successful swap?
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    Old School Honda Logo

    People move on, he was last seen on this forum back in 2015 when I visit his profile.
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    New project in the shop - 1985 Mazda RX-7 GSL-SE

    Any recent update on this build?
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    2019 Rav4 Time for new tires

    You can find an extensive selection of winters all over the internet. You may want to check out Bridgestone Blizzak and Michelin X-Ice Snow.
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    2000 Honda Civic B18B Boosted Swap

    Any update with regards to this build?
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    1990 Honda CRX with ONLY 10 miles!

    It looks so clean, what a beautiful classic car.
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    I got a Brave Little Toaster tattoo

    That is pretty cool, I like the choice of color.
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    Turning a drag car into a street car again

    You can drive it on the street but keep in mind that their rules that you should follow depending on which state you live in.
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    Anyone running Windows 11 yet?

    I'm okay with Windows 10, I am not planning to do an upgrade.
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    '98 Hatch: LSV?

    Care to share a recent photo of this beautiful hatch?
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    Squid Game

    I love it, but I don't like the red hair at the end. :lmao:
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    Reliability Rally - $1000 bikes

    It looks like a great event. There are a lot of interesting motorcycles on that photo.
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    Engine and Tran Swap 2000 Accord

    One of the best suggestion, but the question is does he have the budget for another car?
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    Project Greenrio

    Sounds like you got a big project coming your way.
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    Monitor - Home Office

    I want one as well, it looks pretty cool. Did you end up getting one?
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