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    what did i get myself into

    filled with fiberglass and bondo for the skim coat... bought new rockers for it just waiting to put them in
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    what did i get myself into

    ran out of primer for today more updates coming soon basically been doing the majority of work by my self Bought it looking like this.. spray painted and looking like shit stripped off all the spray paint been doing rust work(sucks ass) now working on primer
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    project low and slow ek

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    99 Crvtec turbo build

    Change the timing belt and water pump..... as well as the crank seal.. and oil pump wont hurt. And lets see some pics of the crv
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    Rain Tracker Install

    that's pure fucking lazy
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    2003 honda ignition lock cylinder help

    try wiggling the steering wheel back and forth while trying to turn the key
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    Ball Joint

    good luck without the right tools
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    Brads EJ1 Coupe

    apexi ws2 is awesome quiet when u want it to be (cops) and loud when u get deep in the floor board
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    ecu for a d15b swap from a d16z6

    google.. u can type in anything
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    B18C1 vs. B18C5 what is the difference

    This thread is 9 years old
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    ecu id help

    Take a pic of the tag on the side of them
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    clear your google

    good looks B
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    suspension upgrade

    follow your sig
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    project low and slow ek

    it was really wet... it looks alot better now that it has dried
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    crazy accident!

    thats bad
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    project low and slow ek

    Updated 3/7/12 My new whip 100% stock for now... and not for long 2000 civic ex plans for this weekend Put on my apexi ws2 exhaust system cold air paint my lips paint my rain guards and put my studded snow tires on here is a lil update for today until i ran out of parts and i put my studded...
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    let me know what you guys think
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    New website launched check it out everyone is welcome
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