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    Honda Swap Cars (56k beware)

    cant really see the cf hood 91 si 95 B18B Crower 404's, dual valve springs, titanum retianers B16 pr3 pistons shot peened rods arp rod bolts and head studs b16 oil pump fidanza 9lbs flywheel clutchmasters stage 3 UR crank pully balanced assy. skunk2 coils tokico illuminas oil press and a/f...
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    yeah that helps, how does it wire up to the ecu? do you spice into the ecu wires or is there a harness that plugs in? thanks
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    what are you paying for gas???

    right now its 1.42 for 92 im in seattle wa
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    ok, i've read about hondata and what it can do, but im confused on what it is. does it replace the stock ecu like the apexi power fc does? or is it a piggy back that can work as a stand alone if you have the datalogging and rom editor? please explain. thanks
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    b16 pistons on a ls block

    i have the same set up but i shot peened the rods, running crower dual valve springs and titanum retainers. make sure to get your assy balanced. i take it to 8.5k for 10,000 miles so far so good.
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    cams in 200whp ls/vtec

    whats parts are you using in your block? what comp? thanks
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    cams in 200whp ls/vtec

    yeah i'd like to have it somewhat streetable, im going with a 4-1 header w/ 2.5 collector and a skunk2 or itr manafold. so the ctr's would be able to do the job? i'd like to be over 200whp but id figure that would be a realistic goal. what about aftermarket cams? and i already have my ls block...
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    cams in 200whp ls/vtec

    alright, for those people who were able to get atleast 200whp in their ls/vtec set up. what cams did you use? btw right now i have the b16 pr3 pistons and im going to use a b16 head with stock headgasket. my goal would be 200whp. i know im going to need head work and some port matching but i'd...
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