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  1. Magana559

    B20b n/a budget all motor build

    SRT4 stock turbo is a pile of shit, your better off All motor
  2. Magana559

    Ordered a fender off eBay...

    Fuck this guy with PayPal's ten foot pole
  3. Magana559

    Raising minimum wage

    $15 a hour? $8 a hour here in California.
  4. Magana559

    Today's embarrasing story...

    Thats a OLD fucking lemon. Fuck thats nasty.
  5. Magana559

    Dodge Vipers Ordered to Be Crushed

    Wow.....just wow.
  6. Magana559

    my phone just died

    good job
  7. Magana559

    Walbro 400LPH and E85

    What I want is consistency. When the nitrous goes on fuel pressure drops because of the demand of the injectors/fuel solenoid. Plus it never hurts to have more room in case I go turbo.
  8. Magana559

    D15B ~13mpg - please help

    Can you get NGK spark plugs? The Bosch 4 prong crap is absolutely garbage design. Get yourself some single prong plugs copper or platinum.
  9. Magana559

    Walbro 400LPH and E85

    Yup, I'm looking for one as we speak. Can anybody recommend one?
  10. Magana559

    Cali drought

    I still do until I find a nice place in AZ, TX, NM, or maybe NV. Going to look at a few places the summer.
  11. Magana559

    Spread it around...scammer who got me for big $$

    Shitty situation. Hope you guys get it settled soon. Victor has NOTHING to do with billy and your contract. Billy owes you money. Simple
  12. Magana559

    Walbro 400LPH and E85

    Also my god pistons are expensive! I used to buy a set of arias for $400 to my door. Now I can't find my pistons less than $600. When did this happen?? :eek:
  13. Magana559

    Walbro 400LPH and E85

    I'm just worried the 255 wont push enough fuel once the nitrous comes on. I'm going to hit 100 shot and push 1000cc injectors. I need to replace the 255 anyway and they are only $40 more.....sounds like I already knew my answer anyway.
  14. Magana559

    Walbro 400LPH and E85

    Tell me about them? Anybody have them installed? Maybe a better pump for the price? Im planning on making about 300whp to max of 350 with a high comp (13:1) with a 100 wet shot of nitrous. I had a 255 but it died while my car has been sitting for the last year and maybe down the line looking...
  15. Magana559

    Upgrading to XenForo

    now I see it! Thanks B! :)
  16. Magana559

    Cali drought

    All I can say is Fuck California with a ten foot pole! If you ever tried to open a business, drive a modified car, own a firearm, own land, try to farm, or pay taxes you know what Im talking about. Everybody that says its not so bad has NEVER gone to a free state!
  17. Magana559

    Upgrading to XenForo

    seems pretty simple to use......but where can I find the unread posts?
  18. Magana559

    Duck Dynasty suspends Phil after GQ interview

    Who the hell gives a flying fuck? So he doesn't like homos? Big deal! If we were all the same this world would be rather dull. I agree with the man, what is it with other men seeking another mans anus.....women complain about anal I can't believe that gays enjoy getting their ass hammered.
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  20. Magana559

    Anyone deal with pinched nerves?

    Fuck I hope your back pain goes away.....I said the same think two years and three months....and 4 back surgeries ago...not fun! Most important thing after surgery is PT.
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