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    B18b In A 92-95 Civic Ex 2dr 5spd chilln out i estimate a lot - next time i will do my best to completly ignore something that absolutely pisses me off i had no idea some people take everything i say 100% seriously - its something i will have to except - at least yall read my opinions and u can think what u want of what...
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    Pics Of My Car

    i want an intake like that, i feel inspired...
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    B18b In A 92-95 Civic Ex 2dr 5spd

    B18C 94-01 (GSR) Complete Change Over 180Hp 126Trq 10.6 Compression (JDM) 170Hp 121Trq 10.1 Compression (USDM) 3199.00 Plus shipping and handling. B18B 94-01 (LS) Complete Change Over 145Hp 127Trq 9.4 Compression (JDM) 142Hp 127Trq 9.2 Compression (USDM) 2200.00 Plus shipping and handling...
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    2nd Gen Teg B20

    exactly - crx is about 500 pounds lighter and if u have a dx u went from 92 to 135ish. not from 130 to 135ish therefore i would not get that swap unless i built or made it vtec before i put it in. (costs more money) b18b and b18c are better, cheaper alternatives in the long run I...
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    B18b In A 92-95 Civic Ex 2dr 5spd

    First of all, those cars that you want to beat are positively WEAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK The most impressive car on that list is the 94 sir. - low 15s im assuming here ya go - cheapest setup to dirt that weak list of cars -92-95 civic - 2500 ish - :worthy: b18c complete changover - 3200 -gut your...
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    Springs On(suspension Fu!#ed)

    Common! ive been losing sleep wondering if your suspension problem has worked out. Well? :spin:
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    Got Yanked By A Trooper This Weekend

    I had the same problem, except my speedometer was off by about 20mph, I cant believe the trooper didnt believe me!
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    B20a5, What Can I Do?

    I've heard header and cat has a combined 10-15% gain in power, but i am positive that if you put any money into that car you will regret it. There just isn't enough aftermarket support.
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    2nd Gen Teg B20

    Please do something to the crv engine before u put it in. Otherwise, it would be a positively weak swap. I would pay the extra 750 and go with a b18c myself funny, i didnt know u had 1500 bucks...
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    B18c In 5th Gen Civic

    I Appreciate the straight answer on the general time estimate, but i want shortest gearing. yea, i thought that b16a tranny was short too, but i didnt know if there was a better tranny for 1/4 racing or not By the way - its going to be a hatch, but i wouldnt expect a huge difference if was a...
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    B18c In 5th Gen Civic

    under 20...gotcha...i appreciate it immensely
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    B18c In 5th Gen Civic

    What tranny is best to use for the 1/4? What would I run with full interior and no other mods?
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    Need Ideas For My Zc

    What fight? Jackson racing makes a supercharger. I think that would be pretty phat if you sprayed a supercharged ZC. Why do you want to downgrade from b16 to zc anyway? Why dont you go up to like a b18c or something?
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    Just Wonderin About The Old Ludes

    So, you shit on motors in your free time...explanation?
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    Need Ideas For My Zc

    :huh: U 2 girlz are obviously PMSing. My suggestion: Put on your I LOVE OPRAH APRONS and Take your pink panties and gently place them on the ironing board. Then iron them repeatedly until they are fully out of a wad. Good luck ladies.
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    Guess What I Get To Do?

    You ladies have them in a serious bunch :sleep:
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    I noticed the same thing, but check out and put a H22 or H23 in your prelude and turbo or supercharge it :sleep:
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