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    Crx shorting out?

    Hey guys im in a pickle.. My 89 crx si has been running fine for about a year now.. occasionally it would blow my Horn fuse in the engine bay and id just quickly replace it and it would be fine.. but it did it the other day and every time i put a in the Horn slot it will act like its shorting...
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    Might hawe my new crx tomorrow!!!!

    Congratulations man. Deffinatley change the wing.. big one is cheeeeeeezay That bottom picture is hot.. especially the girl in the reflection! love the skirts!! goodluck.
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    Brake Lights?

    the brakelights are on the same line as the horn and the "open door" light and noise line. All of my brake lights recently went.. my horn didnt work and when i stepped on the brake pedal the open door "beep" noise would come on. Annoyed the piss out of my friends
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    Can't figure out my problem. So here's a VID!

    Check your ignition line including the dissy rotor, if theres no problem next bet would be the fuel line, check your fuel press
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    CRX exhaust

    i have the invidia catback on mine and it sounds amazing. nice rasp with good bass, not too ricy. check it out on you tube
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    89 crx si jumper harness

    Thank you hopefully that's what he needs
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    89 crx si jumper harness

    Wondering if any of you know where the crx jumper harness is located. me and my friend are going to tune my car tommorow, and he says he need to locate the jumper harness to put back the timing without the ecu catching it. any help is appreciated.
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    front motor mount

    i guess 89 crx si's have them too. theres no bolt in it and im afraid its going to cause some problems. when i step on the gas the motor rocks and pulls my linkage forward.
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    front motor mount

    the bolt on my front motor mount was stripped and flew out.. i tried the hanes manual but i cannot find the size of this bolt.. does anyone know what thread size it is?
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    Electrical Problem with 89 crx si

    i did re-wire the whole back side of my car so that sounds possible... it just happened recently so ill check it out today while its nice.
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    95 Talon TSI w/ 4g63 For Sale

    the engine and all parts have been together for about 5000 miles, with no problems. the nitrous kit is new, comes with 10 lb bottle. the afc is being used in the car, but will sell seperatley
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    Electrical Problem with 89 crx si

    2 or 3 days ago both brake lights went out and stopped working. they are not blown neither is the fuse. WEIRD thing is that when i step on the brake the little "open door" logo on my dash lights up. AND when both seatbelts are buckeled it makes the noise when someone takes their seatbelt off...
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    95 Talon TSI w/ 4g63 For Sale

    the motor is completely rebuilt if you didnt read. wiseco piston arp head stud setup its completely rebuilt so i dont know what your expecting nitrous for 125 super afc for 200 plus shipping
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    Wanted: D series turbo manifold/ injectors for turbo build

    i have an xopower tubular manifold and downpipe for a d16. pm me an offer.
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    90 B16a Turbo Crx Part Out

    will the 90 si fenders and bumper fit on my 89 si. if so do you have them still? i will take them asap
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    95 Talon TSI w/ 4g63 For Sale

    sorry my mistake *1990 talon tsi, awd dohc turbo
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    Newbie starting issue

    try to push start it, if jump starting didnt work it could be you alternator.
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    95 Talon TSI w/ 4g63 For Sale

    sorry about the dark pictures but they're all i have right now.
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    95 Talon TSI w/ 4g63 For Sale

    forgot to say but i am located in Warwick, NY zip 10990
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    95 Talon TSI w/ 4g63 For Sale

    95 Talon TSI 1gA for sale for 7500 or best/closest offer 4g63 motor 16g turbo with hks bov manual boost controller Big front mount ebay exhaust (sounds pretty damn nice) eagle rods wiseco pistons arp hardware leather interior dropped about an inch 1/2 front and back leather interior (rare)...
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