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  1. serrilion

    steering wheel swap

    Some info on what after market wheel ya bought be nice... if its and EBAY its a better frisby imo :P
  2. serrilion

    losing power?

    I'm still set on the dizzy is the issue or maybe just maybe a bad ground wire melting a few others maybe inside the cabin near the ecu?
  3. serrilion

    Newbe here... just want to know more about my 95 coupe

    Your car is a chaise code of EG, it had a D series engine when it was built. If a DX then its alot lighter than its EX brother had a D15B7 motor with about 105 HP at the crank and no vtec and a crap ecu no one ever wants, if you have an EX you had the un killable D16z6 with 136 hp and vtec, and...
  4. serrilion

    losing power?

  5. serrilion

    losing power?

    wrong dizzy or parts, you need the corect parts kinda like a d15b7 will work on a d16z6 just willnt rev passed 3k
  6. serrilion

    electronic speed sensor swap

    I don't believe you can as they run diffidently. The mechanical one would probably have a different end on it, now if they look the same then I'd say f*** it and go for it. Just my 2 cents tho
  7. serrilion

    Civic hatchback swap (h22 head with h23 block)

    the swap is alot of work but if you want a soild n/a car with good pull power its worth it. i had an cx eg with an h22 and it pulled harder then an 05 wrx haha... look on his face was priceless
  8. serrilion

    00 Civic EX (Build)

    I would agree but.... H22's always have my heart and I love when they hit about 4,800-6,500 rpms it sounds like pure sex I'll keep my eyes open I was rather not expecting the offer I jokingly made to go threw
  9. serrilion

    00 Civic EX (Build)

    So Some may remember the Prelude H22A I built... Well I came home from over seas and deiced to start a build on this Very rare find in my not so awesome state of Vermont. A 2000 EX Civic with minimal rust and some repair work, aka the fiberglass on left wheel well u can see were it rubbed on...
  10. serrilion

    losing power?

    Well odds are if the dizzy got wet you could try removing the plastic cover, normaly held on with 3 bolts a #8 socket should take them off and look to see if there is any water corotion ect. I would go to a local scrap yard and see about a used one and try swapping them out, but this requires a...
  11. serrilion

    losing power?

    I say a burning wire smell could be the dizzy arching / grounding out due to something go overly wet, as posted above normaly on your left looking at motor on top, if u look at my engine it has the ducktape and such on it as i was puttigg a new cap on mine
  12. serrilion

    VIP tags?

    awesomeness!!! missed you guys also missed my hondas
  13. serrilion

    VIP tags?

    Do I get one for being an old member lmao.... Almost fell of the face of the earth with deployments now home and hey a 2000 civic found its way into my domain again...
  14. serrilion

    nothing but problems.

    Sounds like someone may have given you the wrong compressor, normaly this is a quick simple swap, like said before the belts dont fit perfect but there damn near close, or someone gave you the wrong bracket, they are similar
  15. serrilion

    F20b swap in my 96 prelude si

    Sounds like a bad ground wire, or the ecu is not grounded out. I'd check all of that 1st
  16. serrilion

    losing power?

    Well what year is your car? a wet dizzy or a wet dizzy could cause this along with a few sensors in your intake that are un happy.... any air intake mods or any of the sort?
  17. serrilion

    Kill Story / LMAO Story

    I would have to say proably the Duramax.... if it didn't then its not modified considering Buddie has one here, and it smokes a stock Evo all day long
  18. serrilion

    Harbor Freight coupons for free tools, no purchase required

    says original Coupon must be present... so IDK
  19. serrilion

    Kill Story / LMAO Story

    Wifes car.... I drive the Lancer tho it just dinged 100k... waitting for everything to start falling off the car, then again weight reduction
  20. serrilion

    Vermont Sports Car Club AutoCross #3

    awesome herd its a handy liense to have... and yea I don't fuchion either ... thus last course I set up was well rather unique haha
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