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    Im not trying to be a dick to anyone, but cant the guy get a flat out answer....Some people arent honda experts as other people on here and need help with things.
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    2pac Lives

    First off i got to say dveit, thats a great post that u did.........And i agree with u all, that he is hiding out some where, cause we all no tupac wanted the best for everybody and the only way to end all the conflicts, and people that would have died is for him to fake his death. I hope...
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    Water In My Motor

    ok, its been sitting for about 3 days now, and i changed the plugs and its still not starting.....I dont think its getting any spark, because i took a circuit tester and hooked it up to the coil, and the light did nothing, so i think its the coil. wat else could it be besides the coil.
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    Water In My Motor

    ok heres the story. i jus got a 94 civic 2 dr. i was washing it, and wanted to see if i could get the motor cleaner that it was,so i took the pressure washer to it(i no i relize im a dumb ass now)but anyways i let it sit for a while and went to start it, and it started up fine, but i have to...
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    B16a Into A 90 Si Hatchback

    If i buy a 90 si civic hatchback, and put a b16a into it, wat kind of performance can i expect out of it. Our wat other motor do u prefer. How hard would it be to put it, and how fast can i make this motor in the 1/4 mile. I dont mean like with every mod u can get, but with, exhaust...
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    Motor Swap Poll

    I plan on racing from 0-65, and 60-90.and i want it to be a daily driver.the mods i will have are, full exhaust,intake,fuel rail,regulator, fuel pump,cam gears pulleys,pistons, maybe rods, and turbo.
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    94 Civic Ex Coupe

    OK. Im trying to buy a 2dr 94 civic ex(5spd). I was wondering wat would i have to do to it, to get it to run 13's. I plan on getting either a b16 sir II, a ls/vtec set up, or find a gsr b18c(if i can). Whatever i get i plan on getting turbo. I dont want nitrious. The mods i will have is a full...
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    Wanted:92-95 Hatch

    Im starting to get pissed. Ive been looking around my local area, and theres like no fucking hatch's for sale. And if i do find one, there either a pos, or they sell the next day. So i was wondering if anybody had a hatch they would sell for 3200.I dont care if its bone stock. If any of u do...
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    OK heres my question. Im either going to get a 5th gen hatch, and do a ls/v tec swap, or find a 2nd gen integra(b18a or B). I plan on turboing which every one i get. Wat i was wondering, would either of these cars run 13's if i do wat i said im going to do. And which car is better for street...
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    4 Grand

    I need your alls advice on what car to get. I have 4k. The cars im considering are 90+ integra,92-95 civic hb,and 92+prelude. Whatever i get im wanting it to be able to run 13's maybe 12's. When i say that i dont mean with a total budget of 4k for everything, i jus wanna no wat will be esay to...
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    1990 Integra B18a1

    The transmission is a 5 spd manuel. How much dose it cost to re-sleave the block. If i rebuild my motor before getting the turbo, running a low compression will cause me to have less power wont it?Also do i have to have it re- sleaved, and what are the minium i will have to have in the fuel...
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    1990 Integra B18a1

    Ok heres my question.I jus bought a 90 integra with a b18a1, but it has 225,000 miles on it. It still drives good and sounds like nothing is wronge. This is my first car so its going to get some abuse to it. I want to no wat all i will have to have to make my car to run 13's or possible 12's...
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    I need your alls help on wat subs to get. Im not shure about the SoloBarics because i dont wanna have to buy a big expensive amp.Thanx
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    1990 Integra Ls

    aslo my other question is i have 1000 dollars to spend on it. What should i get (besides a exhaust and intake)considering its dead stock.
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    1990 Integra Ls

    Im about to buy a 1990 integra ls for 2k. I was wondering should i keep the stock b18a1, put a turbo on it, and a few other parts. Or should i save up and get a h22. Also how fast could i make the stock motor. thanks
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    95 Civic Hb

    I need you all's advice on if i should buy my friends car or wait for anoither one to come along. My friend has a 95 hatch(i think a vx)that he will sell me for 3k. It has a d16z6 motor swap,Header, cat back exhaust, white gauges, short shifter, cd player, intake, and heated springs. The bad is...
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    Heres my question. I am about to but a 94 hatch with a d16z6 in it. My freinds no the the guy and say its pretty fast the way it is. Wat i was wondering is should i turbo this motor, or save and buy a swap. Ive been told to make my own turbo kit, and i can always use most of it when i get a...
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    93 Cx Hatchback Swap

    heres my question. I want to make my 93 cx hatch fast. I want to be able to beat cobras, or real close. I have about 4 grand total to spend, Wat are your openions on stuff for me to get. by the way my car is stock besides intake, snd exhaust.
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    B16sir Ii Vs H22 Vs B18

    Ok, lets forget about the h22. Now im wanting to no more about the b18b. which would be faster out of that and the b16sir II. Would i be better to turbo one of those, or save and buy the b18c1. What ever i get i want to be able to beat cobras.
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    B16sir Ii Vs H22 Vs B18

    My question is what motor would be better for me to put in my 93 cx hatchback. I plan on doing mainly streetracing, and taking exit ramps at 70. Heres my budget, i can get the b16sir II and turbo charge it, if i get the b18 it will be a while before i can get a turbo, if i do. And if i get the...
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