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    i need a d16z6

    i just put a GSR into my civic.. i have the sohc.. the only problem is its a d16y7.. it has the y8 head... no ecu and the block needs built.. it has a bent rod..
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    CIvic and Crx parts for sale

    what year model crx... 88?.. if so we need to talk.. i have a load of parts
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    HELP! Scratches in the glass ??

    heres the thing... i do body work and paint.. and if you go into a shop and ask them to buff your glass they are going to laugh.. spend $300 and replace the glass or go to a glass shop and get them to remove the scratches... DO NOT GO TO A SHOP AND ASK THEM TO BUFF YOUR GLASS.. good luck
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    Ebay Del Sol - It Looks Like A Race Car Guys!

    in the description its it has a minor paint flaw.. im apainter and al i saw wrong was THE FUCKING GRAPHICS. the wheels and asstezas are really cool.. and its an automatic.. my gf can even drive it.. what a piece of shit :lol:
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    Del Sol Swap

    I really love my car. There is nothing like taking to top off and cruising on a nice summer day. My top hardly ever leaks and it has to rain hard for like 3-4 days straight for it to leak a little. It's not that common to see one around here (Birmingham, AL) so people are always like that's a...
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    I just used the best struts that Auto Zone carried. They were like $300 dollars for all four. It is fine to use your stock stuff as long as they are not wore out really bad.
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    How Fast?

    i am taking out a loan to get this shit and i was wondering if anyone has done it or seen it done and knew the specs. its a ls b18b1 block with a gsr b18c1 head and si b16a2 trans. type r cam shafts, skunk2 intake manifold, and skunk2 cam gears. i am putting this in my 99 civic dx. i did the...
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    Lighter Wheels

    I have 15 inch Rota Slipstreams and I could tell a differance in take-off. Not to mention they make the car look much better... :D
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    Newbie Needs Help

    Well I hav no powersteering and no A/C...Not to mention I don't have anything but a dash,seats,cd player,4x6.25 and a few other panel in my interior and a c/f hoodAll of that stripping was good for about .5 to .6 in the 1/8 mile. But I hope to have a GSR in it by mid-summer...... :)
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    Anti-honda Site...

    I think the guy spent to much time at home while his "wonderful" American POS was in the shop and everyone else was driving thier Honda's that he wasted the time to create that site. I'm not really a hater of any cars (except Mitsibishi). My first car was a 1971 Olds 442 with a 455. It was rated...
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    Carbon Fiber Hood

    I have a VIS Invader CF hood on my Sol and it is awesome. The lay is perfect and the weave is great. The fitment was about a 9.5 I had to cheat my fenders a little but all and all it wasn't that bad. Plus that is expected on any CF hood. If you can swing the cash I would suggest VIS all the way.
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    Frozen Bolts

    The same thing happened to me. On both of the rear control arms the bolts were frozen. I worked the drivers side loose with ALOT of Wd-40 and a 3 ft. cheater bar. The passenger side however ended up being a real pain. I broke the head off the bolt and mushroomed it trying to beat it out...
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    ***my Mini Me Swap Wont Start***i Need Help***

    you could be several things.first of all make sure the red ground wire in the front of the car (grounded on the core support on the driver side) is getting a good connection.. make sure your valves are adjusted correctly.. make sure all the seals are on.. and check your distributor
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    Mini-me With Rpm Switch

    so is there anyway to wire vtec through my tach?? i am lost here.. i did the swap and the car runs fine (with the exception of not having any power).or will i have to get the msd,modules and automotive relay
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    Mini-me With Rpm Switch

    does anyone know what an rpm switch is??? i drive a 99 civic dx(d16y7) with a 98 ex head(d16y8)... i heard you can plug vtec to your rpm switch but i dont know what that is or how to do it?? please help
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    Mini Swap

    ohh.. and i would say anywhere from 120hp to 135hp
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    Mini Swap

    you can do the head swap and all you need is the d16z8 head wiring harness head gasket and 5 quarts of oil... it will cost about $300 to $500(if you do it yourself) and i have no clue what a shop would charge.. but you would be way better off dropping an Ls(b18b1) in your shit...
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    Mini-me Trouble

    I need some help with a mini me. It's a 99 d16y7 with a 98 y8 head. we got the head on the block it runs fine but having trouble wiring vtec. We don't have the ecu but I've read about something called a "rpm switch." I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make this work....
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    Check out this rice!

    hmmm...rice is an understatement...
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