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    b18b swap in 92 cx...opinions??

    Just wanting to get opinions on a b18b swap into a 92 cx. How easy is it? Is it worth it? Is it good for forced induction?
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    92 cx top speed??

    well, im stuck in between a swap and a mini me, but for now its a cx after i run about 85-90, when i shut off the car i smell a hint of oil... that is why i wonder
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    92 cx top speed??

    just wondering if anyone knows what the top speed is for a civic cx?? before doing damage that is... thanks
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    CX to mini me

    what about the fact that on the CX, the pistons are only notched for 2 valves instead of four like the DX, EX or SI. Will the pistons clear the valves??
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    CX to mini me

    I am wondering if it is possible to put a z6 head on a d15b8(92-95 cx)?
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    Upgrade Chip 92-95 Honda Civic Cx/dx/lx Ecu?

    I just ran across this on ebay....check it out Will this work?? I wouldnt mond getting more R's out of my cx if i could. cant afford to do anything about a motor swap just yet, but for 20 bucks?? tempting
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    Z6 Or Y8 Head On Mini Me Swap

    OOPS.....I have a D15B8!!!! I thnik the only difference is the B8 has 8 valves and the B7 has 16 valves. Correct me if I am wrong... thanks
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    Z6 Or Y8 Head On Mini Me Swap

    So, i would have to modify the distributor if I use the Z6 head?? I thought that it would be the other way around, that is... I would have to modify the Y8 head since it is a 6g the Z6 head is a 5G. ??????????????????????????????????
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    Z6 Or Y8 Head On Mini Me Swap

    i have a 92 cx hb with a d15b7 and plan on doing a mini-me head swap. I am wondering if there are any advantages or disadvantage in using one head or the other. I read somewhere about having to modify the distributor, which head is this? any help is appreciated... thanks in advance
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    Intake And Exhaust On 92 Cx Hb

    like i said... 'i recently acquired...' i didnt spend a dime on it. and i am planning on a mini me to get me thru til a swap is in order.
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    Intake And Exhaust On 92 Cx Hb

    I recently acquired a cold air intake for a 92 DX, I am wondering if it will do anything for a CX? It cant hurt it, right?
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    Wtb: Z6 Parts

    lets see the photos im doing a mini me as well and a price too
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    What To Do With 5g Cx Hatch

    i just recently bought a 92 cx hatch, bone stock. I m debating on what to do, a mini me or a complete swap? I have done plenty of reading in the forums and I am still wondering how much $ the mini me set up is going to set me back versus the swap. thanks
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    ***my Mini Me Swap Wont Start***i Need Help***

    I am a newbie with hondas, I have worked on bugs and bigblocks. i recently bought a 92 CX HB and plan on doing a mini me swap. I am wondering how hard will this hit my wallet?
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