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    Tech: Engine Mount Solidification

    Ok, real quick. I was corrected, admited to being incorrect and then made a joke and somebody thought I was serious... aight... Anyway, Solidifying your mounts does increase vibration, but also minimizes if not eliminates all movement of the engine relative to the car, this will eliminate...
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    H22 type S

    Well, I have a Euro R H22A(Accord Euro R in Japan, Accord Type R in UK... H22A7) I enjoy the hell out of it, the tunability is amazing. I have a Hondata S200 P30 running it. It eats fuel, but it's a monster. I thought the Type S had a blue valve cover??? I don't know mucha bout the engine...
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    Tech: Engine Mount Solidification

    Ah, that's the testimonial I was looking for. Based on that, I won't be so negative on the window weld method... thanks. And loco.... DAMMIT!! I was gonna argue... I just look at it thermodynamically, and that's why I get the numbers I do... but yes, you're right and in the context that I...
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    fuel line

    ok, well it mostly applies to peeps who use an Atr manifold. I guess i should have mentioned that. well at any rate, if you need a hose... I alSo make hoses for other Scraps, so tell your friends. :spin:
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    fuel line

    i had the same issue with my swap and it ended up being a business opp. i make a hose specifically for 5th gens with h swaps and stock rail. if you need one, lemme know. they're cheaper than a new fuel rail and safer than a diy hose.
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    Conversion Harness

    hondata has one.
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    What Is This Sensor On The H22?

    Negative, if you're talking about the purge valve looking thing right over the fuel rail, that's NOT the IAC, that's on the intake manifold. What you're looking at is call the Fuel Injection Air control valve. What it does is between 1500 and 3500 rpm(or so) it allows air to enter the fuel...
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    Tech: Engine Mount Solidification

    Thank you. As an update, I find this mixture of 80A to be sufficient for ZERO engine movement but it doesn't transfer every little clink into the chassis, it's quite nice and solid.. Makes the motor sound more like a race car both inside and outside of the car.
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    Need Help With Vtec Oil Switch

    Pin D6 on the ECU Or... it could be A4, I forget... Wanna make it easy on yourself? Splice open, but don't cut your VTS wire at the ECU, Go ahead and CUT your VTM wire(VTEC oil pressure switch) FROM THE ECU splice it to the open VTS(VTEC solenoid)... This will defeat your VTEC oil pressure...
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    Ecu, Iac Problems...

    the 3 wire IAC is ground, signal, and 12v the 2 wire is ground/signal(combined) and 12v. You're going to have to switch IAC's unless someone can come up with a different wiring trick... The ECU is expecting different things as far as the IAC's go.
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    Tech: Engine Mount Solidification

    Here's a quick lesson into how and why you'd want to solidify your motor mounts. Let's start with a little bit of theory. Back in the day, engines were just bolted to the frame rails of the cars making for very little inter-chassis movement(engine moving inside the car). This was ok, because...
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    Jdm H22a Wiring Diagram

    then in that case, just use the USDM color codes, they should all match up.
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    95accord Lx F22 To H22

    thanks, I knew I was forgetting something! :) It's also known as the IAB(Intake Air Bypass) which, in my opinion... is the suck.
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    Jdm H22a Wiring Diagram

    yeah, pretty much. It's just JDM base H22A, right? not the Type S, or Euro R?
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    95accord Lx F22 To H22

    Yes, your Accord intake should work(mine did, however I have a Euro R so the manifolds are different). Since you have an LX, you'll need to run vtec oil pressure switch, vtec solenoid, knock sensor and I think one other thing that I can't remember right now... :) I haven't slept in a very long...
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    Srs Light?

    Damn, you beat me to it. Nice... :) I was gonna say stab that little sucker with a screwdriver until it dies, but I guess ripping out the bulb is less dramatic.
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    Major Oil Leak... Asap Help Please!

    ok... so it was exactly what we all said. Headgasket. the problem with the head gasket was that there was that peice of brass in there... don't you guys wipe your shit down at least? :)
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    You Wont Believe This.

    You're buddy is full of shit. Nothing personal. But if the military did have bigger badder stronger lighter materials, he's definitely not going to get his grubby little meat hooks on enough of it to make you a shifter or what have you.
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    H22 Came In Today

    mine took two weeks from california to Maryland.
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    Major Oil Leak... Asap Help Please!

    it's not the valve cover gasket, otherwise you'd be buring oil anyway via the vent on the valve cover.... My vote is head gasket. check it out, see that it set neatly over the oil channels to the head. it's obviously coming from a post-pump channel, which means it's between the head and the...
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