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    premium gas for an accord ex?

    I drive an accord ex and my engine recently blew up. I put in another f22a6 with only 60,000 miles on it. I usually use just regular 88 or whatnot, but someone told me I should be using 93 or above since I drive an EX. Is that true? When I bought the car, it didn't have the owners manual and I...
  2. J

    vtec chart

    does anyone know where i can find a chart of a vtec engine vs a non vtec engine? i hate doing reports :bawling:
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    type ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    this reminds me of one of the only jokes I know..... what does a pirate drive? Integra Type ARRRRRGHH heh... sorry, but I just had to...
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    h22 in 90 accord

    you guys are great, thanks for all the info :driver:
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    h22 in 90 accord

    The engine in my beloved 90 accord finally went (almost 300,000 miles), and instead of buying a new car, I've decided just to swap it. I was just going to put another stock engine in it, but my boyfriend suggested doing an h22 swap... I don't really know a lot about stuff like that.. like, about...
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    report on honda performance

    I have to write a report on some form of technology for one of my classes, and I'm trying to get together a presentation/report on honda performance upgrades (they have to be computer/technology based), and other than the obvious (hondata, vtec, etc) can you guys give me some ideas? im drawing a...
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    HELP im about to lose my insurance

    god, could you be any more ignorant? the guy comes on here to ask a question and all your sorry self can do is flame him for getting a ticket..i'm also guessing that you've never been anywhere near a west virginia interstate because there are places that cop cars can just pop out of nowhere...
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    budget turbo kit?

    1500 dollars?! :o
  9. J

    Check Engine Light

    My check engine light is on in my 90 accord (208,000 miles baby!), and I'm not sure whats wrong. I've taken it to a dealer twice and both times they've said nothings wrong...could it just be the mileage thats making my light come on? Should I be checking something else? jenni <3
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    Piercing Help.

    Heya 14 is a good gauge to start at. If you go 16, it'll be hard to find posts that small for your tounge, and you'd have to strech it (which will hurt hella bad, trust good luck...needles are scary :unsure:
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    For The Women On The Board

    hey now... I'm a girl...I can change oil..and I drive an Accord... ya'll better watch it >:)
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