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    90-91 Style Prelude Si

    Ah. The third gen. This was the car that first gave me the thrill of driving a honda. What can you do to them you ask? Well, just listen up because there is quite a bit. If you have an SI, then, skip the next two paragraphs. All depends on whether you have an S or Si model. If its the S...
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    Wtb: 310 Or 330cc Injectors

    Careful! 310 CC Injectors are the max size injector you can run on a Honda ecu. Don't get 330 cc. :o
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    15" Spoon Sw388's F/s

    Are those REALLY Spoon SW388s'? You can rarely buy ONE wheel for the price you offering this set for. Seems shady, like they might be stolen, :ph34r: or worse....rota slipstreams.
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    330 Hp B18c1

    As for the magazine arguement, I think Super Street popularizes both sides of the spectrom. With carshow coverage to drag coverage, and a decent amount of TECH articles, all n all, its a good mag. Then you have Sport Compact Car, lots of tech and lots of vehicle coverage. So, its all what you...
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    :P If you get ripped off, maybe!! Look for a b20B/Z at a reasonable price to go for $600 to seven fifty. And thats with 35k on the motor. Any more than that, :lol: , and you got jacked. Unless, it came with something special.
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