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    AEM cam gear and D16z6 block

    i have a blue AEM cam gear for SOHC d-series motors, 88-2000 civic. it's been used for about four months. $65 shipped. i only take paypal, money order, or cash. still on car, will be removed by friday. i also have a d16z6 block for sale. it has about 89k on it and is complete including oil pan...
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    civic stock, aftermarket, and turbo parts

    ok i sold a few things, so i edited the original ad.
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    civic stock, aftermarket, and turbo parts

    i'm selling a whole lot of stuff off my '93 civic hatchback, but they're not exclusive to civic, they'll fit on the integra and other cars. most of the parts are currently on my car (as of 12/14) so you can come by and see them work before you buy. but i will be removing everything from the...
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    Top Speed - Who's Done It?

    about 170... in my old SR20-powered S13 240sx... the nismo speedometer only went to 260km/h (161.2mph) and i redlined (7200rpm) it in 5th gear going slightly downhill (not a flat nor straight freeway), on only 13 psi and bolt-ons. never been over 125mph since then... it was stolen BTW and i'm...
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    a d16 and a d17 frank????

    i'm not sure, but i myself have contemplated a d17 transmission swap onto earlier d-series motors. the d17 (2001+ civic EX) trannies are geared for accord-sized wheel+tire combos so putting it on an older civic would be like putting a type-r tranny onto an LS motor.
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    Fs: Greddy Sohc Turbo Kit $1400 Obo

    still for sale? i just bought an EG, gimme a couple months and i can buy it.
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    Help With Vx! Mini-me

    try going to also try a google search next time.
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    Might Sound Dumb

    there's differences. the y8 head flows a little better than the z6. the cam is also different. the combustion chamber volume is smaller... 32.8cc while the z6 is 34.6cc. yes the y8 head can fit on a z6.
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    What's Next?

    i second that. the y8 i/m is like the type-r i/m for the d motors. the t/b doesn't have to be from a GSR... the ones from the b18b is also 60mm which i'm using. fyi i have: d16a6 bottom end, y8 head, y8 i/m port-matched to a b18b t/b and other stuff...
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    Azenis Are Super Sticky :(

    i know in 195/60-14 they weigh 20.5lbs... which is a bit on the heavy side. it's because of the large shoulder blocks, but just about every performance tire will weigh more than you're usual all-season tire because it uses more rubber to grip better.
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    240sx Swap

    yeah, i don't think it'd be too acturate. but when you pay a well-respected company known for making products for one specific manufacturer several hundred dollars for a speedometer specifically made for your vehicle that plugs in and plays fine, and reads correctly with before/after testing and...
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    Things Not To Say To A Cop

    hiiilaaarious... the funniest thing a cop said to me when i got pulled over: "hey this thing goes pretty good." he, and about five other cops saw me racing a flipped-out TL type-S in a 35 zone going 110+ seven times after every other light. i could hardly keep from cracking a huge grin when he...
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    Cooling System Questions

    i haven't checked the lower radiator hose... but i got a question. how would u "jump" the 2-pin connector for the thermostat? sorry, i just don't want to short anything u know.
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    F22a1 Engine Vtec Swap?

    interesting... sounds like the whole ZC not being a D-series story.
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    Any Dual Over Head Cam Avail. For D16

    man, i have to try so hard to resist going off... what gave you the idea you can simply put a DOHC head on your d16? search for fairy dust on eBay, they might have some and it would completely redesign the bottom end of your motor to accept that DOHC head/cams whatever it is you're looking...
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    Cleanin Your Engine..

    niiice. i want to paint mine '91 R32 skyline GT-R gun metal grey metallic.
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    Cooling System Questions

    importimage, i replaced the thermostat... read the original post. thermoswitch... hmm, how would i check it?
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    Cooling System Questions

    just replaced the heater valve and checked for leaks... took it for a test drive. regular driving seemed fine. dropped the hammer in second and third, then coasted... 30 seconds later, temperature went up to about 3/4 and stayed there... waited to see if it would cool off on its own. turned on...
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    Just Saw The Matrix 2

    i loved it. i saw it on wednesday at 12midnight. the "huge filler" scene where ppl were "raving" ... paying attention? they were supposed to rock the walls as morpheus said in his speech to show the sentinels they weren't afraid. and it was a montage editing sequence between that and the...
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    Dumb ?

    they still use freon just a different kind. old cars use r12... you're supposed to use r134a i think. so you need to get a conversion kit, i heard they go for around $135. i punched a hole in my AC line and took it to a friend's shop where they don't charge me for labor just parts and they...
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