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  1. erebunicrx

    thinking about selling the M

    im feeling the same why as you are. the differance is i admit mine was a horrible choice and im going to get a truck.
  2. erebunicrx

    Fs or trade Built engine

    for just the head?
  3. erebunicrx

    Fs or trade Built engine

    golden eagle sleeved ls block fully built with 84mm cp pistons, eagle rods, aebs main studs. this has never been off the stand after being built. GE ls vtec kit with 84 mm headgasket and headstuds b16 head. looking for sale of everything or trade for a vehicle. looking for mostly 4wd...
  4. erebunicrx

    My new car

    i was looking for a special color and yr, after finding one it was out of my price range.kinda lost interest. i went to buy a 02 tl type-s but this was in the corner of the lot and i thought it was a good deal. its kinda a rare car so i tihnk it will hold its value compared to most ford products.
  5. erebunicrx

    My new car

    why you turbo'd the m?
  6. erebunicrx

    My new car

    it sure is. maf clamp is poping off and car wont run with it not hooked up. i need to get all new t-bolts. right now its only at 6psi, i tihnk it needs a new airfilter. it dynod 525 @ 9psi
  7. erebunicrx

    "Nasty's Garage" Pics of Cars that have rolled through....

    all awesome cars. n/a = traction on the street.
  8. erebunicrx

    My new car

    2003 mach1 mustang -mods- Forged short block 9:1 compression, Procharger p1sc #12, Comp cams stage 2 blower cams, Mcleod Clutch, fidenza aluminum flywheel, T-56 tranny, pro 5.0 shifter, Aliminum driveshaft, Slp x-pipe, slp lm2's, cobra tank and...
  9. erebunicrx

    Lol i met Tila Tequila last night . . . .

    shes fuckin beautiful.
  10. erebunicrx

    how much boost can I run on my F22B1

    become a big dog? wtf?
  11. erebunicrx

    UFC 72 Conference call (or the Forrest Griffen Comedy Hour)

    i think rampage will be an awesome champion. funny as hell. any way i herd that the next ufc was scheduled to be on spike for free but spike laughed at the car and said its not even worth having on.
  12. erebunicrx

    B16A SiR-II Turbo, How much HP

    50 trim on 8 psi would put you around 230 whp
  13. erebunicrx

    turbod then blown gaskets

    i took the pcv box off and connected it to a catchcan. the head gasket, just get arp headstuds.
  14. erebunicrx

    stage 3 clutch

    yeah i have the stg 4 of that one. works great and hold 300hp just fine
  15. erebunicrx

    stage 3 clutch

    funny i have a stg 4 unsprung and have no problem with it on the street.. i guess its hard to say if you never drove with it before.
  16. erebunicrx

    300 hp civic forsale. CT

    New Price $4000
  17. erebunicrx

    300 hp civic forsale. CT

    yea i'll take alittle less than what im asking.
  18. erebunicrx

    300 hp civic forsale. CT

    time for a volvo s60r.
  19. erebunicrx

    Stock Internal D16z6 TURBO

    what the fuck is this shit? stock rod can only handle 200 hp? headstuds will help you not blow a headgasket so i suggest them
  20. erebunicrx

    300 hp civic forsale. CT

    would love to make the sale this weekend. throw me a reasonable offer
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