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    nippon motors

    you can find them in the delsol too. also 92-95 civic si/ex
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    WTB: D16Z6

    i need a D16Z6 for my car its a 92 to 95 civic si or ex engine so please let me know if anyine has one for sale
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    FS: Greddy e-Manage w/all harness' and fmu 12:1

    do you still have everything for sale?
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    MY experience with my Turbo ZC

    send me pics of turbo also want to sell your turbo kit?
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    D16Z6 into 88 CRX Si

    i did this swap and had a harness made for me by flyboy from he did a really good job.
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    WTB: SI tranny for 89 to 91 crx or civic

    i need a si tranny for my project. i need on for an 89 to 91 but not the 88 it had a different spline count. if anyone has one they want to get ride of you can email me at put tranny for sale in subject so i don't just delete it. i also need a good clutch kit if someone has on...
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    d16z6 into a 88 crx dx

    i have the z6 swap in my 88 base model and it cost me about 1000 for everything and i did all the labor expect wiring harness. new clutch, new tranny,engine, exhast, axels, air intake, bearings, p& P head and intake.
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    WTB:timing cover

    i need a timing belt cover for my d16z6 at least the lower half please let me know if you have one.
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    Crx Swap

    you got the wrong H there buddy :whatafucktard: :withstupid: :gives: :n00b: :tfg: :fr:
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    Obd-o Motor Ls

    for your axels get ahold of they have really good ones. Raxels
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    D16z6 In My 88 Base Model Question

    i have a sensor right beneth my trottle body actualy it is conected to it. i was wondering what it is and what lines do i conect to it. thanks.
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    Avatar Contest

    i personlly like mine (Pigs aresting Pigs)
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    Need Alternator Belt Asap

    if you don't know the size take a piece of string and run it around the pullies that will give you the ID(inside diameter) for your new belt.
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    Enormous Import Sale

    i need a TPS and/or Throttle Body for a D16z6 let me know shipping 43147
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    Wtb: D16z6 Throttle Body And Tps

    i need a TPS sensor for my z6 it's rivited (SP) to the throttle body. if anyone has one let me know. just post a reply i check the board constantly. thanks carlin
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    Axle Clicking Problems, For The 3rd Time....

    i have raxels and they rock. i went through 2 pairs of autozones and they sucked . RAXELS
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    13's On 7psi With Greddy Kit On Sohc

    great run man i working on getting there :D :D
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    France And Iraq Jokes :d

    that's damn funny. :doh:
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    Keeping It Simple

    the spline difference is 23 and 26 but other than that i would modifi the dx harness .
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    Stainless Steel Braided Lines

    i can't ge tto this site.
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