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    H22 In A 92-95 Civic

    Im doing this swap as well and my suggestion to u is to TAKE YOUR TIME doing this swap , and i would recommend hasport they got good shit, . this is all the stuff i got so far for my civic: motor/tranny, P13 ECU, 91 accord shifter w/ cable links, 90-93 Integra left & right axles, accord 1/2...
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    I Need Help W/ My External Coil

    Hello guys, im doing an engine swap in my 95 civic , im doing a h22a4 ,but im having problems wiring the stock external coil that came with the engine , im using an OBD1 distributor with no internal coil . im not sure how to wire this coil , i have 3 wires coming out of coil ; i got a...
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    I Need Help With My H22 Harness

    sure , my email is thank you Fray:)
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    I Need Help With My H22 Harness

    thank you for your help :)
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    I Need Help With My H22 Harness

    hey evryone , can someone help me out . im doing a h22a4 swap in my 95 civic but now i dont know what harness to use . do i modified my civic harness to fit the h22 or should i use the h22 harness into my civic or i use both harnesses to make one to fit my car. also what s the right way to wire...
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