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    Fs: 88 Crx W/ Dohc Zc

    Car has been SOLD :D
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    Fs: 88 Crx W/ Dohc Zc

    Price reduced to $2900. I just bought a supercharged Miata, so this toy must go.
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    Antifreeze In My Turbo?

    The coolant that is in your car will also run through the coolant lines in the turbo. The oil line is not for cooling, it is for lubricating the shaft and if equipped, ball bearing in the turbo.
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    Site Of The Day

    I beat it by thinking of a dog toy.
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    Gov Auctions

    Try this.
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    Fs: 88 Crx W/ Dohc Zc

    5 Speed DX Interior 89 Integra ECU Walbro Fuel Pump DC Sports 89 Integra Upper Header DC Sports 88 CRX Lower Header Replaced Cat with TestPipe ACT Street/Strip Clutch Disk ACT Extreme Pressure Plate ACT lightweight Flywheel (8lbs) Eibach Springs Front Camber Kit 2001 Civic 15" Steel Wheels New...
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    If You Had 35k

    Definitly an EVO8. Bolt ons will yeild a mid 12 second time slip, with warranty.
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    Any Zc's?

    Although this is correct, the pre 90 D series will not bolt into the CRX. You have to use the JDM ZC
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    Where In The Hell?

    Fort Walton Beach, Florida
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    "shock And Awe"

    Speaking of the MOAB, I live here at Eglin AFB where it was tested last week. Let me tell ya, they aint seen shit yet. That mother rocked the ground here when it went off. Drop one of those there and this is what you will see..... :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy...
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    Hot Import Nights

    :P ummmm, chicks, next to nothing, posing. Nuttin wrong with that
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    Where Do You Recomend Getting A Engine From?

    Hmotorsonline is by far the best place to order a motor from. Fast and cheap shipping, excellent customer service.
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    Whats A Zc?

    But!!!! The ones out of the tegs here in the states will not bolt into a CRX.
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    Presidential Address On Iraq

    Exactly. We are not supposed to know the secret stuff. It has been said that Iraq citizens are waiting for us to oust Saddam, but we don't hear that type of stuff because if they speak out, they and their family will die. Would you like to live like that. i wouldn't. thats why I am supporting my...
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    My Engine Swap Continues

    I had a Honda tech tell me to put engine oil in my tranny and it works alot smoother. He says he has been using engine oil in hondas since the 70's and has never had a problem.
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    My Engine Swap Continues

    [ yes, engine oil is what I use also in the honda tranny
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    Well darn.

    This has worked for me many a time. If two cars are speeding, most of the time they will pull over the first car in the line.
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