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  1. Aleaf.CRX


    Nope. I'm back. I'm just looking for info to fix my bros Civic.
  2. Aleaf.CRX

    Just cuz I don't care. Might as well.

    i warned you
  3. Aleaf.CRX


    oh god. please stop this.
  4. Aleaf.CRX

    pic thread!!!

    I'm...smiling? It was late. Money hat?
  5. Aleaf.CRX

    problem w/ my computer, help!

    My mom's had a Trojan virus before. I don't know much about computers, and I had to reinstall everything when I couldn't figure it out. Shit, my ex was into computers, I'm not sure but I could've swore he said most Trojans were similar or the same type of virus. I found this. Don't know if...
  6. Aleaf.CRX

    pic thread!!!

    Lol. Those are my jammies.
  7. Aleaf.CRX

    WTB Cheap Honda

    We're not as slow of learners as you might think. :)
  8. Aleaf.CRX

    pic thread!!!

  9. Aleaf.CRX

    PowderCoated some stuff!

    I looove the Candy red and mirror black colors. Very nice indeed.
  10. Aleaf.CRX

    weird ways to make $

    <--------- Just figured out how to avoid being homeless.
  11. Aleaf.CRX

    weird ways to make $

    Ahahah that's sick.
  12. Aleaf.CRX

    weird ways to make $

    Ten years from now? I don't need rent money currently.
  13. Aleaf.CRX

    weird ways to make $

    OMFG!! I'm gonna grow my hair out and sell it ten years from now!
  14. Aleaf.CRX

    Poor CRX.

    ^^^ Yeah, except they decided to use an asston of speakers, subs and amps instead of DVD screens. God, that's the only thing that ruins that show for me.
  15. Aleaf.CRX

    Poor CRX.

  16. Aleaf.CRX

    Poor CRX.

    I was so gonna say the same thing. I fucking hate the thing. I can admire the guy for the work and cash put into it. Basically everything on that car is gaudy as hell. I think the only thing worth the money and time is....actually I'll have to get back to you on that one.
  17. Aleaf.CRX

    Question on Candy colors

    Um, five month difference pal. This thread is old.
  18. Aleaf.CRX


    I HATE the fucking military. My parents, stepparents, parents bfs/gfs whatever were/ are in it. I don't know, guess it's the strict...ness and shit. I'd be going into the Air Force though, the most lenient of them all.
  19. Aleaf.CRX

    whats with spoilers

    No problem. ;) Meow.
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