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    1993 dx coupe b16a sirII FS or trade for motorcycl

    hey I have 1993 civic dx with b16a with fresh type r internals full port and polish dc 4 to1 headers 2.5 inch exhaust msd igniton 6320 box blaster ss coil pro cap nology wires type manifold type r throttle body jdm p30 ecu motor so clean you can eat off it hastport mounts valve adjustment done...
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    1993 Civic Dx B16a Sir Ii Cel Code 17 And 7

    hey guys my car runs fine but I have few code I pulled from the computer I wanted to know what they were the its cel 7 and 17 please help
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    Will F22 Auto Tranny Fit H22

    I have 93 accord i am looking to swap the f22 for h22 but it has and auto and I don't really want to do the standerd coversion seems to hard so will the f22 tranny bolt up to the h22
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    I Have Stage 4 Act 6 Puck Clutch Disk Brand New Fs

    I have this disk brand new I bought it for my car but I sold my car its an act stage 4 disk 6 puck unsprung hub it for any b series motor this is perfect for all those built motors that are naturaly asperated turbo or supercharged I want only 125 bucks shipped please buy this you won't regret...
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    2000 Civic Si Parts Every Thing Has To Be Gone

    I have everything from 2000 si the car was red email me I am willing to give this stuff up cheap
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    So Who Knows About Jdm P30 ?

    I have 93 civic with b16a sir I have jdm p30 ecu when I time the car on the middle mark it studders off idle with a load on the car what should I do this thing is freeking pissing me off please some one give me some help email me or instant mesage me on pootSIracer at aol okay...
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    2000 Si Seat Belts

    I am selling perfect 2000 si seat belts fron't and back 50 bucks plus shiping ps I have so many more parts of a 2000 civic si just ask
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    2000 Si Trunk Lid Perfect For Sale

    hey i am selling a 2000 si trunk lid with all the badges on it .it has no tailghts but has all the wireing email me for pics
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    2000 Civic Si Brakes And Suspension Fs Or Ft

    I have 2000 civic si fron't and rear disks with all suspension componets to drop these into your 96-00 civic well email me let me know ps I will trade for rear disks that will bolt up to my 93 civic dx
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    2000 Civic Si Brakes And Suspension Fs Or Ft

    I have 2000 civic si fron't and rear disks with all suspension componets to drop these into your 96-00 civic well email me let me know
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    Wtb Head For A D15b2 Or Good Replacement Motor

    hey I have complete 1.5 from 93 civic that runs awsome it came out of my civc with 113,000 mi on it didn't smoke burn oil or anything I just want to see it go to good home the reason I am getting rid of this just did a b16 swap well let me know I only want 200 bucks for it I live in upstate ny...
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    Rear Gsr Mount Forsale Both Sides

    I have gsr mount in great condition itd the one for the motor and hte ruber one for the car it is the rear mount this perfect for broken mount or bseries swap into 92-95 civic I want only 30 buck plus shipping please buy this I owe so much money to people email me for pics
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    D Series Axels For Sale Only Used For Two Weeks

    yup I have semi new d series axel that I put in my car before I did my b16a swap in my 93 civic they are in great condition please buy these I owe so much money to people i only want 75 bucks plus shipping thats right to axel for the price of one shipping shouldn't be much email me for pics...
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    For Sale Cheap Orion Xtr Dvc 4ohm Voice Coil

    I am selling this speaker cheap i have so many debt to pay brand new never hook up I am assamed I have to get rid of it for so cheep but I owe so much money to so many people it has to go I payed 430 for this speeker in 2002 I want 175 or best offer please buy this from me email me for pics...
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    Wtb 1994 Gsr Alternator

    I have 94 sir II motor and this is the only thing that will fit it please hit me back if you have one for sale
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    Can I Use 97 Delsol B16a3 Axels Or To Short

    I have set of 97 delsol axels that i want to use in a 93 civic dx with b16a in it I wanted to know if there to short
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    Where The F#%* ! Is The Timing Marks On My B16a

    I have to time my car and I can't find the marks on my crank pulley is that were they are or what the motor is jdm sir II 92-95 civic motor can anyone please help me this is becoming a big bitch
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    93 Civic Dx Will A Integra Front End Fit

    hey I was wondering if an integra or delsol front end will fit on my civic its a 93 dx I know I m gonna need fenders nose headlights and shit so let me no if this stuff will even bolt up
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    B16 Problems

    make sure you spark plugs are tight tat what was wrong with mine
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