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    Starcraft 2

    Yup, it's official. Starcraft 2 is coming out. Rep Points for IceBolt IGN PC: Cheats, Previews, Reviews, Trailers and Screenshots for Computer Games
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    Spiderman 3

    I just saw it tonight, and I agree with silverchild. This movie was the best of all three of them. When spiderman and green goblin jr. teamed up, that was fucking awesome. I didn't want him to die though, it would've been sweet if they had an alliance for the next spiderman movies (if there will...
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    Parking Game

    Ok I got 31. I took a pic, but deno how to get it on here
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    Parking Game

    no i already did that, but i can't insert a picture up in this forum. i have the file saved and everything. That's what I meant. I hope I didn't kill the thread
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    Parking Game

    lol my bad guys. I thought the time of the first stage was the score. I just finished it all the way through with the score. I got 69.5... I'm a noob, how do I post a screenshot on here again? (damn.)
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    Parking Game

    I got 21 seconds the 2nd time. Then I got 10.7 seconds the 3rd time. :)
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    My friday night...

    I'm glad to hear he's okay, that must've been really scary. I'm sorry to hear about your brother... oh man... let us know what happens
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    old fun game

    oh my, that was really hard. You're really smart for figuring that out. good job ahhvtec. Thanks again!
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    old fun game

    How do you beat level 14?
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    old fun game

    fun game level 14 krasnow is hard
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    PS3 - Home

    thanks guy, you're a star
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    PS3 - Home

    I just saw this. It looks sweet and makes me want a PS3 GDC07 Clip: The PS3's Home - Kotaku
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    happy birthday jeffie

    happy birthday!
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    When will it stop?

    if you dont do anything wrong, what's the worry?
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    2012.. whats your opinion?

    I heard this quote awhile ago... "There are no aetheists in foxholes... when there's gunfire, everyone's praying"
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    never kiss a guy during a stare down

    i took in wrong silver... peace man
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    never kiss a guy during a stare down

    and you, caucasian, are thick headed! fucking jerk.
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    Funny Mcdonalds Video.............

    hahaha that's funny
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    the best dear john letter

    lol, nice one.
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    An Inconvenient Truth

    Steve's dad is Al Gore? I watched it and I think it's awesome. I was looking for it on DVD... Where can you buy it on DVD?
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