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    caution when buying from prostreet online

    As a security measure, UPS does NOT allow anyone (sender or recipient) to reroute or changed the delivery address of a package once it is in route. What should happen is the package will become 'undeliverable' and then it can be held at a UPS shipping/receiving facility for pick up with proper...
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    I am in VA and we got about 20+ inches of snowfall and its still continuing to snow. I grew up here and we never get snow like this and I for one am loving it. AWD + high ground clearance + locking differentials + a set of fresh Dunlop Grandtrek WT M3 (best snow tires ever! I put in a rush...
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    Interesting girl situation...

    Here let me share something with you... Get your dick wet when you need to and move on, if you suck at picking up women or don't want to take the time to bother, see below. craigslist classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, events, forums > Services > Adult >...
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    2011 Lexus LFA

    I read somewhere that Lexus is taking a page out of Ferrari's book and is going to lease the car for two years then you can opt to buy out the lease to prevent possible resale mark up of limited addition supercars. I...
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    What do you name...

    allyourbase :D
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    How to total your Bugatti 101

    Anyone remember that video of the Bugatti Veyron being towed out of the water?... Well this is how it got in. Bugatti Veyron Crashes Into LakeVideo I like how he says 'I'm pretty sure that's a lambo dude' :lol: Edit: It's amazing what people just 'happen' to catch on film.
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    Credit Reports For Tenants

    You might want to just go ahead and use a tenant screening service like property management companies do. It will give you everything you need to know about a potential tenant (background check, credit check, eviction reports etc...) I would just pass that charge down to the tenant like all...
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    Dealer plated cars.

    +1 If you want to enforce traffic laws you should become a cop, otherwise just let them be on their marry way.
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    La Biblioteca... Hilarious

    You just have to watch it, its hilarious I promise, its from the new ABC series Community.
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    ran into a nice cop today

    I don't know about anywhere else, but I've noticed that sheriff deputies are a lot more lenient when it comes to traffic violations then local/county/state police officers. I live in a county where the Sheriffs Department is the only county law enforcement entity within the county (there is...
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    Identify this color?

    Can anyone identify this color? Is it even a color offered by Honda on any of their vehicles? I know its orange, but exactly what kind of orange?
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    Someone stole my laptop... HELP!

    Haha! I thought about that, but the property manager asked to see the order confirmation. That's what I planned on, I talked to the field office director and he says I can have it shipped to the office (usually only 'official' mail, no personal mail is allowed into the building). So there's...
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    Someone stole my laptop... HELP!

    Thanks for the info guys, I got it taken care of, the property manager says that they are ordering me a new laptop, and this months rent is free! :D I went down to the front desk this morning to see if they got any information, they said 'no' (which I suspected they would). I told the front...
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    Someone stole my laptop... HELP!

    So wonderful! Someone stole my BRAND NEW laptop, in fact, I never even got to see it, because it was stolen out of the mail holding room. I live in a highrise complex, and if I'm not home when the package is being delivered then the carrier leaves it with the front desk. In turn the front desk...
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    Free monster energy coupons

    If you are thinking about trying to redeem these coupons, I'd reconsider... I'm sure every retailer has gotten the bulletin.
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    gif of the day

    What I'm saying is, it comes down to this womens rights bullshit, apparently they can do jobs men can do, they want the same pay men get, if so, they should be able to take an ass whopping like a man can take if he decides he wants to run his mouth and disrespect another individual.
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    Violence between repo men, car owners on the rise

    I don't know how it works anywhere else, but here in VA a repossession agent is given proper authority granted by whatever county/counties his company works in to take back any asset owned by whatever company they do contract work for, if they have proper paperwork issued by a county judge for...
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    Violence between repo men, car owners on the rise

    I've never met any repossession agent who did not carry a firearm. I work as armed security here in VA, and I've met plenty of repossession agents, most of them have state of the art repossession trucks, that don't even require them to get out of the truck to tow the vehicle. Some of the...
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    Haha! Sausage Slapped!

    Haha! I was looking through the news column and came across this pretty funny news article, I thought I might share. Authorities: Burglar wakes men with spice rub - Yahoo! News
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    Dude hit by car, Hartford, CT

    What I don't get is why the hell the cars are on the wrong side of the street, it was like both cars moved over to try to hit him... :confused: The car that hit him, the driver wasn't even fazed, he just kept rolling.
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