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    A photo tour of the Transparent Factory in Dresden

    hope this isnt a repost. pretty cool.
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    Porsche 914 + STi Engine = YEA BOYYEEEEEE!

    check it out. dont know if its a repost but its definately badass. ej25 from the STi in a 70's 914. i want one. videos are at the bottom:
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    integra question

    are the RS and type R integra the only models that came without a sunroof? anyone have a link to 94-01 integra chassis specs? thanks
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    rear brakes wearing uneven

    411: 92 civic, teg disc swap front/rear, teg mc/bb/prop valve after the disc swap, the pads were wearing only on the outer portion of the rotor on the inside and outside. i had the rotors resurfaced and got new pads but i still have the same problem. any ideas? this is a crude picture but i...
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    Whiteline Caster Kit

    I recently bought the Whiteline caster kit. Going from the pics on the Whiteline site I thought it was going to be adjustable upper control arm inserts, but it was just a shim kit for the lower control arm. The lock nuts and bolts the came with the kit that were supposed to go together were...
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    roman candle shizzzzz

    follow the link and dl the clip. what a jackass.........
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    deal of the year HOLLA! :D
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    Hit and Run(big pics)

    it was a little drizzley last night and i was on my way home from a friends house. i was rounding a curve to get onto the freeway when the truck behind me bumped me. the hit wasnt hard but it was enough to get me sideways on the wet road. i tried to correct but ended up slamming into the...
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    obd1 to obd2 alternator conversion

    anyone know the pinouts of the two alternators? we're trying to use an obd2 alternator in an obd1 car
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    injector question

    does anyone know about how snug the fuel rail should hold down the injectors? i recently swapped and itr mani on my b16 and i'm having idle problems. i noticed today that it was fairly easy to rotate the injectors. any comments or suggestions? 'preciateit ::edit:: today is one word dummy
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    Weird idle

    i swapped my obd1 b16 manifold out for and obd2 type r unit about a month back. when installing everything i noticed that the obd1 iac valve bolt holes didnt line up on the back of the manifold. luckily my brother had an obd2 unit at the house. so i bolted that on instead. ever since then i...
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    ITR intake manifold swap????

    i just bolted up an usdm itr manifold to my obd1 b16a. when i was swapping all the parts over to the new manifold, i noticed the valve on the back of the manifold didnt line up properly. luckily my brother had an obd2 ls manifold with this valve on it, so i just swapped it over. now when the...
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    is there a difference between regular b series valves(b16a, b18c) and type r valves?
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    climate control isnt going off

    i got home tonight, turned the car off, pulled the keys out and i noticed the lights on the climate control were still on. the fan switch was still getting power also, meaning i was able the cut the fan on even after i took the keys out. i pulled a bunch of fuses and stuff but no luck. any...
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    b16a jdm bare block :lol: 20 bux

    as u all know a b16a is dohc vtec engine the one i have is the jdm model one sir 1 the only diff from that and the american one is the stock oil cooler any wayz i dont want it it takesup space it has a crankshaft oil pan and a couple sensors thats about it i got it from my friend he has papers...
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    took some pictures

    i got some wheels blang blang i need a heat shield 99 si b pipe, no muffler gay blue vinyl, momo wheel, sir gauges, dash trim has since been replaced grip tein ss - 8k front 6k rear
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    Someone From Hondaswap Just Called Me

    i was out to lunch and left my phone at work. someone called and my coworker matt picked up. he said that some dude asked for zero something from hondaswap. who called me and how did you get my number?
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    Suspension Compatibility

    are struts and springs interchangable between 1989-91 civics/crxs and 1992-95 civics. reason im asking is this deal:
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    Clutch Adjustment

    i have a 5th gen civic and i was wondering which bolt adjusts the clutch? is it the one that connects the rod that goes into the master cylinder?
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