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    Need help h22 problems!!!

    ok thank you i guess ill juss get it checked n chipped
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    Need help h22 problems!!!

    i just recenstly did a h22 swap in my accord i know millons have done it but n e ways well get this i put a p28 in it till i got a p13 bec thats all i hade and it runs perfict but then i got my p13 and i put it in and it runs like shit like wen you go to give it gas it bawgs out like its gettin...
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    Hellllp with h22!!

    i dont know what this sencer is thats located under the oil filter because on my f22 its like pluged and there is no sencer but on my h22 theres a sencer that only needs one wire to jook to it.....and what is the square black box under the intake manafold for do i need? is it something that i...
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    H22 swap... Help anyone?!!

    yea well if you can find a harness round ware i live that was wut i was gunna do but cant find 1
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    H22 swap... Help anyone?!!

    what are the main things that i have to wire going from a F22 to a H22 besides the V-tec??.. thanks
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    Does any one have a 92-95 H22 motor harness for sale??

    Does any one have a 92-95 H22 motor harness for sale?? or any other parts for sale kinda in the cheap range?
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    h22 swap....Help!

    i am doing a swap into a 90 accord EX and would liek to kno if any would have any of wiring diagrhams to run the V-TECH and the other sencers... thankz
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    94 accord revving trouble

    well in the 90-93 accords they have on the intake manafole if your looking at it on the right side there is a idle thing i forgot wut itds called but there is this cap with 2 screws holding it down take that cap off and press down the center of it and if it stops screw the white washer thing...
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