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    1991 Crx Shell

    another thing the car is wired with DX chasis wiring and the engine harnest has been converted to Mpfi...and has the injector resistor box..
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    1991 Crx Shell

    I have a 1991 CRX DX that has been sitting in my yard for the past year since i got it back after a theft recovery, it has a clean title but its worthless because it is a shell there is no front clip all there is in the front is the brake booster and the front cross member. The inside is fully...
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    Need To Sell This In 3 Days

    email me at with some pics me and my firend are willing to drive all the way out there but only if you will give us a deal becaseu we are going to drive all the way from CA...
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    H22a Into 4th Gen Crx

    i have a H22 Crx that i made what do u need to know?...handleing is NOT as bad as everyone thinks it handles better then my friend h22 EG hatch. ya there are better options but if you dont want to flock like sheep and go b series this is a better solution but a pricey one and a long task.....a...
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    How Hard?

    both motors are have identical work envoved but the z6/y8 u need to your old driver side head brackt mount and put that on the new z6/y8 and alos you need to wire up vtec which is no hard task, the zc is basicaly pluf and play and u just have to extend some wires to the cps..i have had both but...
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    V-tec Wiring

    the PW0 will work fine also if you can find it, its the PR3 just out of an integ
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    Hydro Trannt In A 4th Gen

    i had to do the hydro tranny run around in my EF for the h22 swap but it wasnt that difficult becaseu i had everything there, only problem i had was finding room for the components
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    H22a Front Clip

    thats the way i did my h22 change over it had all the things i needed to convert from cable to hydro tranny and i got the mounts 5 lug conversion and steering wheel and tach, its a good investment if you can get one cheap...
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    How Much Nitrous Can A B18c Handle?

    HUH?..i ran a 50 shot pill with the stock fuel curve, the GSR dose not have a blind fuel curve it get's adjusted to the O2, then i ran a 75 for a while with just a fuel pressure regulator VFAC fuel rail and DSM injectors and i never had problems...
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    Ef Stock/ Performance Parts + Misc

    hey man, nah i wrkeced the b16cr and it is getting the jdm ef front end and some other mods..i want atleast 100 bucks for the dist. call me up when u get a chance
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    Ef Stock/ Performance Parts + Misc

    Brand new never used Unorthodox Racing crankshaft pully for SOHC - 150+ shipping (shipping very cheap for item) 88 Crx Si tranny - best offer (pops out of 5th) 89-91 dx 5 speed and 4 speed - make offer (both in perect condition) DOHC ZC longblock about 4k miles after got from engine importer 350...
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    if the motor has oil in it check it, and see what condition the oil is in, because depending on the form of the oil, it will tell you how the motor is, but i dont know if u can tell just off of the oil if its good or bad it took me a while to get it...
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    Ls/vtec Ecu...

    its a trademark i use in post's...i guess i wont post it anymore...can we say uptight?..whats the big deal?
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    Ls/vtec Ecu...

    the pw0 and pr3 are both obd0 ecu's with vtec but there kinda pricy and hard to find..another otion is making a obd0 to obd1 adapter and running the p28 chipped..or any other obd1 ecu but the p28 is the best just because of all the programs for it *big ass worthless pic removed*
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    Removing Hub Spacer In Axle?

    the site shows a good digram on how to pop the spacer out its more of like a like a little metal sheet that protects the knuckle..once u find it u can easily pry it out with a flathead *big ass worthless pic removed*
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    B18c5 In 88 Crxdx Will There Be Room 4 Turbo?>? T4

    there is enough roon if u use the new mount kit from hasport..i think u will also have enough room with the old hasport and the placeracing one but if u modify the mounts and use integ mounts to get the b18 in the engine bay u will have a hard time installing that setup... *big ass worthless...
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    B20b In Crx Si

    to do the b20 swap all u really need is a 0bd1 integ intake man. and u just use the stock crx wiring if it is an si i did a b20 swap on my friends car with a b16 tranny and his car walked mustang cobras pretty bad sometimes.. one thing that we did do was rechip the 0bd1 integ ecu and i made a...
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    Help With A Crx Engine Swap

    u dont need hubs because it's a dx but u will have fun playing with the wiring to get it from dpfi to mpfi which means from 2 injectors to 4 injectors but theres many sites that show u how to do this and another hoop is wireing vtec and that is just another obstical..but id have someone that has...
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    Cali Usdm Engines

    hey man about the motor check out "" they have mad pages of honda stuff and i have gotten many parts off of it in the past 3 yrs and like 80% of the post's are in Ca and many up in bay area
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    B16a3 In To A 94 Civic Coup Ex

    u must use a b series tranny for a b series motor and ur stock motor is a d series......
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