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    88-91 b series mounts

    i have a set of b series mounts for 88-91 CIVIC OR CRX WITH SHIFT LINKAGE ASING 250
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    Hf manifold

    i got a hf manifold 35+shipping hit me up
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    Fs 5th Gen Honda Parts

    yeah its a d16z6 head i think but yeah i have the stuff to do it name a price
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    Fs 5th Gen Honda Parts

    well i have alot of parts for sale i need to sell quick i have to get a layer for the custody battle again the bi$%^ thats trying to take my daughter so come on come all and buy my stuff sohc dx motor 250 a peice sohc vtec motor 450 polished strut bar 30 obo shoc vtec head 100 combat...
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    F/s G2 Slant Tip Muffler

    how much shipped to 224087 in va
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    Fs 96 Dx Hatch Interior

    selling the interior to my hatch so i canbuy a beater its a stock interior need the money by tomorrow so hit me up 540-847-4345 ask for tommy
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    Need Car Asap

    i'm in va but my friend is loking fr a car and i hve family in texas so iwill have them check it out thanks
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    Need Car Asap

    looking for a two to three hundred dollars beater tget me back in foth will my hatch is in the shop need it desperatly if youhave pm me or post or cal me at 540-847-4345 or email me
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    Wtb Cd Player

    my girls b-day is coming up and she wants a cd player with dolphins if anyone has one for sale let me know email me at or call 5408474345 ask for tommy
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    Help!wtb 2000 Si Front Struts

    HELP!!!! i need a pair of used 2000 si fron struts asap only looking to spend around 100 if you have some one know where they are hit me up 540 847 4345 or email me at thanks tommy
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    Fs 2000 Si Parts

    ground control
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    Fs 2000 Si Parts

    for sale aftermarket parts for si so i can return he car t o stock intake 50.00 exhaust sold coil overs 150 and more loking to trade most of it for stock part but call me at 540 847 4345 or email m at thanks thomas the guy who i'm selling the parts says that...
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    Complete Salvage 2000 Civic Si

    do u till have the doors and wut conintiopn ins the right rear qauter panl
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    Fs Tock 2000 Si Springs

    for sell stock 2000 si springs taking best offer email me at or call me at 540 847 4345 thanks
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