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    Modding advice - '95 ex

    That was ridiculous sir.
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    Jb Weld?

    No sir it wont. :ph34r:
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    Just Saw 2fast 2furious!

    The cars looked nice, but as i read in sport compact car, the fastest car in real life was suki's pink supercharged s2000 which did a 13.9. That is pathetic, but i got past that and said hey its a movie, its for the looks anyway. Ok, so im watching it and then every race is 100 gear changes and...
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    Your Favorite Song

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    Just Saw The Matrix 2

    And neither did i which kind of made me mad, cuz now i must watch it again.
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    Just Saw The Matrix 2

    :coat: That was hilarious. :lol:
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    Should I Buy A Supra?

    :withstupid: but wouldnt everyone :lol: I guess not everyone has thousands to blow laying around.
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    Ls/vtec Build

    It seems like anytime asks a question here, noone really tries to answer it, they just cockblock the thread with a petty argument to see who knows more. If i could help i would....but i know nothing about B16s.
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    Nice Turbo Civic

    I like it.
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    Whats Unique About Your Car?

    I have prelude seats, and a prelude motor going in. 92-95 civic 2dr. ;)
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    Honda Civic Si Rims

    Ill try and get some pics and post them, need to find a digi cam. They look brand new though.
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    Honda Civic Si Rims

    You need to find out the shipping to there because im not paying for the shipping. Not to be rude but im not going to hassle too much with that because i can sell them locally a lot easier, but if you want you can check all the info. They will be shipped from Hampton, VA 23663.
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    Honda Civic Si Rims

    The rims look brand new, but two tires are in bad need of replacing, but i would suggest replacing all 4 because the other 2 arent going to last too long the way you guys drive :lol: , but im selling them for $300.00 O.B.O plus shipping, whatever that is. Email me at or...
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    H23 Block W/ Vtec Head

    I would recommend just going with either straight H23 or H22. H23 for turbo, H22 for All-motor or your 2k shot of NOS! Also, that much nitrous with stock internals more than likely will not last you more than a week, depending on how much you spray, and how worn the engine already is.
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    Sohc Times

    ;) High 14's maybe.
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    Hondaswap Master Aim List

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    H22 Into 5th Gen Civic Swap Info

    Hondatuning is fucking retarded, In two installments of the H22 "swap" guide, all they have talked about is the mild engine building. There has not been one word about putting that engine into a civic yet. P.s. im not blaming you, they are just :ghey:
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    Boost Or All Engine

    LOL, finally people are seeing the light, H-SERIES OWNZ JOO!!!! :fuckyou: B16!!!! Its ok i have on my flame suit.
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    H22 Delsol

    If you arent doing auto-x, and you are using this for a daily driver, then why would you be flying around corners anyways. This swap is one of the fastest all motor swaps, and is great when on the street. I am putting an H23 in my civic right now and its on hold for another 3 days due to being...
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    H23 Civic Swap Help.

    Can anyone tell me where to find info on installing these mounts? I have Place Racing mounts and i am having a hard time figuring where they go exactly. Please Reply.
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