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    Roll Cages?

    None of the links are for show bars. All will meet the requirement for any racing series for a street driven Civic HB. All make cages/roll bars pre-cut to fit a Civic HB but some final cutting and assembly is required. A link is provided that shows how to install a cage using a Camaro as the...
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    What Should I Choose?h22a Or B18c1?

    I am seeking susp tuning help where I can find it. From those that appear to know what they are talking about, adding lightness to a vehicle and moving weight from front to rear is normally not a pound for pound swap. Just because you remove ~90 lbs from in front of where the driver sits...
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    Low Budget Civic Swap

    The rims are sitting in my shop while I research tires. The first SCCA event is in two weeks and I'm hoping to get some data at that time and maybe find a deal. I've been told to look for 205/45/13 or 205/55/13 (now I can't remember :angry:). Stock is 155/70/13. With those mount points...
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    Low Budget Civic Swap

    I'm going with VX rims. Not only are they 13" (better gearing ratio) they only weigh 7 1/2 pounds each! I've seen the braces you're talking about. They mount at 4 points, right? In order to stay in the ST class I have to mount the tower bar to "...only transversely across the car from upper...
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    Low Budget Civic Swap

    Well, that explains it. I haven't seen under the hood of a new Civic Si as of yet. Thanks! $50 was the Ebay price for the tower bar. I agree its not the best one but its better than some I've seen on cars at NOPI Nationals, etc, on trailer queens. I don't understand how there can be any...
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    Low Budget Civic Swap

    I haven't seen a stock strut tower bar on a Civic??? :huh: I have a "real" bar that's adjustible. I never knew how to adjust/tune it. I set up a slalom course and did 3 passes before and after I added it. I think I convinced myself there was a dif so that I could justify the time (5 min)...
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    Any Suggestions

    what about a 5th gen (92-95) civic VX (lightest body style) for around 2-3 grand (depending on condition) and add a B20z (~$1200). Run a little xtra wiring, throw on a Vtec head (~$200-300) for a CR-Vtec for lots o' hi-RPM power. Stock B20z has 150hp and 148tq. Add to that some after market...
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    Low Budget Civic Swap

    I'm building a D16Z for my tired VX. I was talking more to the reliability of the Honda motors. After cam, I/H/E, and port matching, I'm hoping to have 150-155 at the flywheel. I'm building it to auto-x in the Street Prepared class. The custom headers are going to be a tri-Y, 4-2-1 design...
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    Low Budget Civic Swap

    my '92 VX has 237,XXX miles and has just started smoking. I've been driving it 38 miles one way to work for the las 4 yrs and I haven't been easy on it. If your CX only has 140,XXX I doubt it's about to come apart. However, since you don't know anything about its history, and you keep the...
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