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    Joke II.

    not that funny
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    Where do Swap Engines come from

    Where do companys like hmotorsonline get there engines from? Are they stolen or are they brand new? Does honda make motors just for people to swap? I was just wondering. Thanxs for any replies.
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    Top Speed - Who's Done It?

    I got 190 mph in a ferri 360 spider modena. Scariest ride in my life. ( I know there is wrong spelling.)
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    Today's B Series Myth, 0wned.

    Ok back to the beginning how you said gsr has only 20hp over the ls only at the higher rpms. Is this because of vtec. If this is because of vtec can't you just get a vtec controller and drop the vtec engagement point to lets say 3000rpms. Won't that make more power?
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    Guage Swaps

    I have a 1993 civic hatchback vx. I have swapped a gsr into it and I want to know is there a way to get the gsr guages to work in my car. Or will i just have to get a new tach. Any soulutions to this problem are greatly aprecatied.
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    Which Has D16z6

    What cars have the d16z6 engines in them. I looked in the reference but what hatchbacks have them. Does the ex have the d16z6? or is it only the si?
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    Obd Differences=hp Differences?

    Ok You don't understand. But here goes. Lets say you have a 98 integra gsr and a 95 integra gsr. They are boths stock. The 98 is a obd 2. The 95 is an obd 1. Will the 95 be faster because it is obd 1?
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    Obd Differences=hp Differences?

    My friend has a 98gsr integra and has it mildly modified. My other friend just bought a 95gsr integra and the one who has the 98 thinks that his is slower when it was stock then the 95 (the 95 is stock). Could this be because of the obd difference or is he just imagining things? :huh:
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    Rollin' Back The Miles!

    This is what i did when i swaped my engine. First take out the gauge cluster. Right down the current miles then take the plastic cover off of the front. With a knife or your finger if it fits just start clicking the miles back. If you go to sell it just look at your numbers you wrote down before...
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    Maybe you should read it agian. The whole post. I have not be told once. I said that u can tune with a gtech and you can. I neversaid that gtec was good i just wanted to know if it was. :bash:
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    Hahahaha you got :owned: Again. :lol:
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    Gear Ratios Vs. Mph

    How do i do that?
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    Gear Ratios Vs. Mph

    Is there a website where you can plug in gear ratios and it will give you the mph for each gear? Kind of like the one you guys have for the b-series.
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    i never said i would lean out my fuel to get peak horsepower that would be dumb. Wideband o2 sensors only tell you air and fuel ratio? You can get the same results with one dyno run and an exhaust temperature gauge? Also what do you mean by sauscy for a sophmore? Also even if it is basic tuning...
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    D16z6 And Tranny F/s!

    Thank you spyder Turbo. :)
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    How Much To Swap

    I don't even care about his engine bullshit :angry: . The only reason i said 200 is because it has 110k on it and i could get a long block off of hmotorsonline that has more hp then the d16z6 that is only 500 with out shipping and handling. Plus it only has 35,000mi. Also i want it for turbo so...
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    Engine Problem

    Ok here let me correct this for you. By the way learn english. All of the bold is corrected parts. Please go back to school and don't do crack. It is bad for you. :rolleyes: PS. I am in high school so don't dis. 10th grade
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    How Much To Swap

    i plan on putting it in a vx hatchback? How much did you pay for the swap itself. Not all the extra parts?
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    D16z6 And Tranny F/s!

    Whooooo :o . I was thinking 200 maybe. I can buy a brand new long block for 500 with only 35,000mi.
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    How Much To Swap

    How much does a complete d16z6 swap cost?
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