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    20 years of HondaSwap

    This site is still up? Crazy, good on ya B. Cel, thank God you're still alive, I need to hear your thoughts now that we're post apocalypse. Just reading back through my old posts, wow I'm such an asshole. Is there a way to delete everything I ever posted? Lol, jk. Anyways, I finally built my...
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    Movie Trivia, help me out fellas

    I was making some lunch and I just burned my fingers on some HOT SOUP MOTHERFUCKER!
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    Is this bad juju?

    I think it's badass and your jeep needs more dead people parts.
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    Todays Lame Video 9v battery fire safety

    Stick em on your tongue, they taste all electricky
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    The Prophecy is upon us !

    If you can convince her to let you milk her by hand it's a win/win/win situation.
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    The Prophecy is upon us !

    Planned parenthood eugenics for dudes.
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    The Prophecy is upon us !

    I feel like everyone says it'll be such a positive thing for you, because it was for them, especially compared to the amount of worry it creates. So I guess the more you worry about it, the easier it will seem. I think most high functioning adults have all the skills and instinct necessary to...
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    The Prophecy is upon us !

    Having a kid is a serious mindfuck. Good luck bro, don't expect to hold onto any of your old ways of thinking, they become less and less relevant as the kid grows.
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    Obamacare-The New World Order

    As individuals, we like to think we have a say in the matter, but the thing is, it's not your decision, it's your employer's. The only choice you'll have is to get a job or be self employed (good luck with both during the great depression II). The same goes for all other federal taxes. Say you...
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    Portable Power for Apple devices?

    15 days at a time, for two or three years, then into the landfill. I have one too, they're pretty nice.
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    Nelson Mandela dead at 95

    You do yourself a disservice by ignoring perspectives opposite of yours. You're not "correct" and neither is he, but you're looking at different facets of the same subject. Believe it or not, you can gain insights from opposing opinions. To ignore them is to stop challenging your own beliefs...
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    Nelson Mandela dead at 95

    It definitely helps to realize that when dealing with political topics, all of us are forming opinions based on 5th hand information from biased perspectives. There's a greater probability that all of us are wrong than any of us are right.
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    Nelson Mandela dead at 95

    Yeah, damn red commie bastards always fuckin up white supremacy. What an asshole, just when we had those neegers in their place.
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    Portable Power for Apple devices?

    There's these entertainment devices that they charge at the factory and the batteries never die. They're called books.
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    Nelson Mandela dead at 95

    I think it's more important to remember that these radical agents of change were labeled terrorist enemies of the state while they did their most important work, and to remember this whenever we hear someone labeled as such.
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    can't be serious

    Obviously the aliens bred the pigs with the monkeys to create a species obsessed with concentrating elements and minerals so they can come back in thousands of years and scoop it right off the surface.
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    Hasport Insight Epic 180 mph Wreck

    What the fuck is this thread about? Random YouTube videos? Anyone had a good sandwich lately? I made an egg and cheese and bacon sandwich for breakfast. The bread was homemade whole wheat chia, the eggs were local free range, the bacon was local thick cut (I mean thick) peppered bacon...
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    My 79 1200

    Back when I bought my house, financing a toolbox would give you enough credit for a quarter million dollar mortgage. These days, they don't pass it out so freely.
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    Selling BMW.. Anyone interested ? Great deal.

    A year ago I thought I was going to lose my house, well the banks house. Now I'm actually doing well, but I know how quickly things can change and that nobody has a sure thing. Even the smartest most cautious person can have adverse circumstances bleed them dry. It's easy to criticize people...
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