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    b7 block with y8 head

    we had to take the head back off on my friends zc/z6 mini-me because it was kickin the cel for the vtec pressure switch.turned out the oil jet had to be removed from the block so oil pressure didn't drop below 50 psi during upper r's. the cel would only come on after pushing the car close to...
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    tps sensor

    make sure the tps is within specs , check it using a voltmeter at closed and wot and make sure the readings are within spec
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    turbo vacuum lines?

    ive seen some people use a vacuum/boost manifold, basically a little block thats got multiple ports. u could use the ones that are made to split air compressor lines, you'll find nice anodized helps clean up ur bay, then just tee the manifold to ur fpr. run ur bov n ur wastegate the the...
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    Electrical Problems in Rain

    bad grounds will cause the wierdest sh*t. also make sure the tube that drains condensation (and any water that gets through ur fresh air flap) from ur heating/air conditioning unit is connected, or you'll get moisture all around the passenger floorboard.
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    Installed new engine harness... but

    what ecu is in it
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    need a little help

    firing order rite? is ur dizzy rotor screwed on tight, sometimes those screws come loose so you'll still have spark, it will just be to random cylinders.
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    sparkless z6

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    Need Help with something on car

    ur igniter in the dizzy took a dump
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    with the engine running, intermittently spray the booster and vacuum lines with carb cleaner , if ur engine surges, you've found ur leak. if ur ride isn't pulling left or right its prob ur master cylinder, if it does pull, then prob a piston in one of ur calipers.
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    Distributor help

    if you're feeling up to it, get a hold of some penetrating lubricant to help free up the rusted screws. then pick a torx socket (T15,T20 ect.) that is slightly smaller that the head of the screw, now using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the torx bit you've chosen, drill the head of...
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