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    Flywheel For Turbo

    I'm trying to figure out what weight flywheel I should get for my turbo gsr. It's on daily-driving low boost. My mechanic says I should get an 11lb flywheel, while I'm thinking the lightest I can find (around 8lbs). Does flywheel weight affect performance?
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    Figured Out My Idle Problem.....

    So the gsr swap into my civic had been having severe idle problems, loping between 1k to 3k rpm. I had tried all the simple fixes, vacuum problem, etc... I got a new IAC valve to change, and it turns out that the guy I bought the engine from had felt the need to replace the throttle body gasket...
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    What Intake For B18c1 In Eg Hb?

    you can "engineer" a civic intake to fit onto gsr engine, but a gsr intake will fit much better
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    Wanted: Iac Valve

    I'm looking for an Idle Air control valve (used or new) for a b18c1 out of '95 integra gsr. If you have one to sell, email me at:
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    Check Engine Light

    Did you try clearing the computer code yourself?
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    Which Intake Would Fit Better

    If anyone has experience with this swap and intakes, I would love to hear your story.
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    Which Intake Would Fit Better

    I've got a b18c1 in a '94 civic, I'm wondering which AEM Cold Air Intake would "fit" better. I've seen a civic intake on a b18c1 swap before, and it needs a little "engineering" to make it work, because the intake manifold is in a slightly different spot. Would an integra cold air kit fit...
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    Power Sreering Or No Power Steering

    when i put my gsr in my civic, I unhooked the power steering belt and drained the fluid, it was good for a 5hp increase. It's not so bad with out power steering, I get by just fine.
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    Erratic Idling After Swap

    I had the swap done while i was home from college on winter break, I had to drive to college with fucked up idle, the guys in the podunk town where I go to school were amazed at the concept of swapping engines, they wouldn't understand the IAC system of a honda engine. I'll get that valve...
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    Erratic Idling After Swap

    I put a b18c1 engine (obd1) into my '94 Civic Si, when the engine was installed, there was a bad oxygen sensor which triggered the check engine light, I got that fixed, but the car still idles erraticly, here's a description: When I start it up, it revs to about 3800 rpm, then it drops back...
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